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Suspicion In FBI Malfeasance In The Death Of Dr. Bruce Ivins Continues To Grow In The Wake Of This Scandal

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"While There Have Been Myriad Statements Made In Regard To The FBI's Abject Heinousness, Perhaps The Best Description of This Illuminati Controlled Nightmare Is That It Represents Every Aspect Of Incarnated EVIL That Has Ever Existed, Combined Into One Horrifying Package"

Dr. Steve Hatfield Finally Enjoys Justice Against The FBI, While Dr. Bruce Ivins Succumbs To A Vicious COINTELPRO Attack

When Steven Hatfield Challenged The FBI's Attack & Beat Them In Court, The FBI Already Had Their Second Pasty Ready To Go

Bruce E. Ivins, The Government's Latest Fall Guy

The following letter by Dr. Len Horowitz (who in his best selling book Emerging Diseases: AIDS and Ebola, uncovered the Pentagon/National Cancer Institute connection in the creation of the AIDS virus), illustrates the FBI's bogus witchhunt of Dr. Bruce Ivins, after the FBI's longtime witchhunt of Dr. Steven Hatfield came to an abrupt end when Hatfield beat the FBI in court.

The FBI then shamefully used its COINTELPRO operations against Dr. Ivins in an attempt to drive him insane, since the Bureau knew that Ivins was not the anthrax mailer and could not indict him. The FBI's smoke and mirrors sideshow after Ivins's died (likely a murder made to appear as suicide) in which the FBI claimed that they had evidence that Ivin's was the anthrax mailer (and that they were getting ready to prosecute him), was a complete farce.

If the FBI had the evidence they claim to have had, Ivins would have been arrested and prosecuted.

As usual, the American people can count on the FBI to lie to them. And when the Bureau's agents find themselves in an untenable situation of their own creation, they will use covert methods of torture (and even murder if necessary) to cover up for their own outrageous crimes.

What else can you expect from a pathetic group of constitution raping criminal misfits who are videotaping American citizens using their own bathrooms? The FBI's agents are the lowest of the low. And just further proof that the FBI and its so called agents are as disgusting as they are despicable. This author has already witnessed this first hand with the FBI's vicious COINTELPRO tactics deployed against my person and Family. And I can say with absolute certainty, that the FBI is nothing more than an Americanized version of the Nazi's Gestapo, both of which were an horrific and cruel mistake from their inceptions.

Open Letter To Former US Senator Tom Daschle Regarding The FBI's Bogus Anthrax Inquiry

August 6, 2008
By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Dear Sen. Daschle:

My name is Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. I have been a leading anthrax mailings investigator, whistleblower, and at one point an FBI suspect in this bioterrorist attack that included an attempt on your life.

If you Google search "Horowitz Anthrax Mailing" you will find thousands of posted articles I sourced exposing this serial homicide and resulting iatrogenocide. This word avers the mass killing and poisoning of people with CIPRO and anthrax vaccines stockpiled and prescribed as a result of this bioterrorist attack and misdirected FBI investigation.

The public's fright, driven by the media that neglects substantive facts, is the intended result of this unique psychological warfare operation (PSYOPS). This FEAR ("False Evidence Appearing Real") drives and justifies legislative action profiting exclusively the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel. This institutionalized fraud, servicing white-collar bioterrorism, is best termed genocide-strictly defined as "the mass killing or enslaving of people for profit, politics, and/or ideology." In this case pharmaceutical propaganda and biopreparedness has been provably genocidal.

The most complete article exposing this conspiracy is online here:

The above article, posted in December, 2001, provides a flow chart detailing the chief suspects, military-industrial contractors, their lucrative interrelationships, and the FBI's apparent misdirection and thwarted investigation on behalf of the CIA:

The financial motive for these murders, media propaganda, and official malfeasance is transparent.

In an effort to prevent this tragedy, I urged FBI officials in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to investigate this unfolding anthrax-mailing-driven genocide ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE FIRST REPORTED MAILINGS! Their grossly-negligent response was stunning and chronicled.

Among the actions I took to serve my country, the American people, and protect the health, safety, and dignity of legislators on Capitol Hill was my visit to your office on April 17, 2002. This was one day prior to my testifying before the U.S. Congress Committee on Government Reform Hearing on Vaccines as a Risk Factor for Autism, recorded here:

At that time I informed your office secretary of my urgent need to speak with you personally. She neglected this urgency, and instead summoned security. I was then interrogated in your office by a National Security Agency officer. I alerted him to the chief suspects in these anthrax attacks: the CIA's anthrax contractors under "Project Clearvision" William Patrick, III and the Russian defector Kanatjan Alibekov, alias Ken Alibek. The officer alleged that he would pass on this urgent information to you and FBI.

Shortly thereafter I was contacted by two FBI investigators assigned to interrogate me as a SUSPECT; not an expert informant. At this time they were offering a $1 million reward for information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. They refused to consider this information that I had amassed in order to follow a frivolous investigation direction. I withdrew my cooperation following two days of misdirected interrogation.

Now I appreciate your recent media interviews and statements regarding the obfuscation of facts, and absurd allegations, that Bruce Ivins had anything to do with the production and mailing of the anthrax spores delivered to your and Patrick Leahy's office.

How convenient for those implicated in this conspiracy, including FBI officials, that Bruce Ivins allegedly committed suicide just before federal investigators were about to indict him.


Sen. Daschle, you stated to the press that you "think the FBI owes us a complete accounting of their investigation and ought to be able to tell us at some point, how we're going to bring this to closure. . . . It's been seven years, there's a lot of unanswered questions and I think the American people deserve to know more than they do today."

You stated, "I don't have any idea how close they were of accusing him, of indicting him. I don't know whether this is just another false track and that -- a real diversion from where they need to be. We don't know, and they aren't telling us."

So I now wonder whether you were ever given the information I relayed above to your office secretary? I ask were you ever briefed by officials from the National Security Agency regarding my urgent visit to your office on April 17, 2002?

If not, your investigation in this urgent matter impacting public health and safety might begin in your office.

If you were informed of these facts at that time, can you please explain why you never contacted me to acknowledge receipt of this information as it was reasonable to expect some acknowledgment, including thanks for delivering this information at the risk of my life.

More importantly, since you seek full public disclosure, do you now intend to make the American people aware of this information evidencing a conspiracy involving high-level officials at the FBI and the CIA? Will you press for public disclosures regarding this secret anthrax program exclusively profiting implicated military and drug industrialists?

The American people and I deserve a response and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M., D.M.M.

Public Health Advisor,
World Organization for Natural Medicine, and Diplomatic Ambassador,

Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem

Editor's Note: For the past several years I have journaled on a nearly daily basis in regard to the longterm collusion between the FBI and NSA . This is in regard to the COINTELPRO perpetrated against my person and Family by this group of Nazi minded thugs. In doing so, I have also documented on numerous occasions, the myriad of electronic attacks that I have experienced both physically, as well as to those things which can be remotely affected by such means (and by means I refer to the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations). These items include electronic appliances such as TV's, stereo equipment and the motion sensitive lighting around our home.

Our automobiles have also come under attack from time to time. One of these vehicles, an older SUV, has been the target of such electronic sabotage for several years, resulting in the vehicle's engine operating improperly - something I believe based on my anecdotal observations, to be caused by electronic interference with the vehicle's computer management system.

For instance, the engine in the vehicle has been idling poorly for years, yet every subsequent trip to the mechanic results in little to no improvement. Oddly enough, the engine in this SUV has operated better during the winter time than in the summer months.

Today, I replaced the spark plugs with new ones only to find that for the first time in several years, the engine in this vehicle ran perfectly. I decided to drive the vehicle for a second time about two hours later, and again the engine ran perfectly. However, on the third try a few hours later, the engine began to misfire badly. This makes absolutely no sense. And it is my belief that this vehicle's fuel management system is being remotely tampered with in order to cause this anomalous electronic behavior. If this is the case, then this would certainly explain why no mechanic has ever been able to repair this vehicle, since technically, there's nothing actually wrong with the engine; it's just being remotely tampered with via the infrared spectrum. As is its driver.

Also see: NSA Electronic Attack On Family Automobiles

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