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Suppressed FBI Report On Cause For The Dismissal Of Several Of Its Agents -- These Are The People Who Are Supposed To Be Protecting Americans?

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The FBI Criminal Syndicate

"Exclusive: For over "three" years, the FBI kept the lid on this survey of agents who committed murder, rape, child molestation, extortion, espionage, drug-dealing, public masturbation..."

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Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Friday, 14-Jun-2002 18:49:19

In Response To: FBI and CIA SHOULD INVESTIGATE the ISRAELI LOBBY (Rayelan) : This is what I was expecting when I asked the questions I
: asked in the following article: IS THE FBI LEGAL, OR IS IT

Some years ago, I was sent an e-mail by a patriot researcher who had scoured the federal archives. A helpful soul at the Library of Congress had also done some "digging."

The gist of it was -- the Federal Bureau of Investigation has no charter, unlike the Central Intelligence Agency. It was, after all, created as a 'bureau' and thus exists under the powers granted by the Constitution to the executive branch, or presidency. The president is 'the chief magistrate' of the union and charged with signing off upon, and "executing" the laws of the United States. The racist and closeted homosexual J. Edgar Hoover -- for all of his virulent anti-communism -- created the bureau as an "agency" without a charter. He basically used the investigative powers of the Bureau to accumulate blackmail materials on a variety of political, diplomatic and and administrative leaders over the decades that he was in undisputed control of the bureau.

As of this day I have not located that e-mail in my archives. But I am rather sure of its veracity. The FBI has no charter and can be changed, shaken up or dissolved by legislative action and the president's cooperation.


: I can't help but wonder if the FBI is being restructured or
: possibly phased out, because "someone" knows that
: it will NEVER be able to stand up to any kind of scrutiny.
: Hmmm??"

The Real FBI - A Federal Organization Without A Legal Charter To Operate Within The United States; The Bureau Has Been Operating Without A Charter For The Past 101 Years:

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