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Since Its Inception The FBI Has Been Used As A Domestic Spy/Covert Terrorist -- Protecting Criminal Politicians Like The Bushes & Clintons

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This while attempting to find anything in which to blackmail honest politicians, judges and other government officials whom the military-industrial-intelligence-media-medical-complex cannot control. A primary aspect of the FBI's existence has always been to blackmail those whom the aforesaid Illuminati controlled complex has looked to corrupt. In doing so, the FBI has attacked innocent people while protecting high powered government criminals, as the following *article illustrates.

*Written several years ago by the late Sherman Skolnick

Also see the *testimony of a former Texas Madam who offers irrefutable proof that the FBI & CIA are co conspirators in setting up sting operations in efforts to blackmail our elected officials. These black operations have nothing to do with law and order, but instead the Intel community's usurpation of our elected representatives for their own criminal means. This while the CIA traffics young American women overseas, where they are then used in CIA controlled brothels, which contribute to the CIA's black budget for its illegal and inhumane covert black operations. One must wonder how many billions (or perhaps even trillions) the CIA raises each year through its collective black operations? A practice which began in the 1950's when the CIA began trafficking illegal drugs into the United States by way of the offshore oil wells co owned by former **President George Herbert Walker Bush, through the Zapata oil company.

**For more on the elder Bush see: Bush The Unauthorized Biography

*Texas Madame Robin Head States "FBI/CIA PIMPS" Tried To Shake Me Down

The FBI's Attack On Federal Whistle Blower Michael Boren Williams

*Editor's Note: The FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO against my person and Family continues to get more outrageous by the day, as these criminal thugs seek to murder this author for my exposition of the Intel community's most egregious crimes against the U.S. Constitution in American History. The crimes committed by these agencies have become precedent setting in their scope, as they attempt to cover up their immense crimes against this author and his Family; horrendous crimes committed under the color and cover of law.

by Sherman H. Skolnick

America's secret political police, the FBI, are part of a big purge in Chicago, to muzzle witnesses against Bill Clinton and the George Herbert Walker Bush family.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, Bill Clinton has come repeatedly to Chicago to meet with and speak to the top honchos and traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Whatever speeches he has made to them, are generally not reported in the monopoly press.

Here is some background. A huge river of Red Chinese and other clandestine funds have been reportedly traveling into the Chicago markets, not only the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, but the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange. These monies and assets are disguised as currency trading, transactions in soybeans, corn, wheat, S & P contract, and other such items. Over a period of years, escalating during the Clinton Administration, Chicago has been the intake point for "China White", high purity heroin from Southwest China. Junkies prefer it since it can be smoked in a pipe and does not require a needle in the arm.

The highly corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration has taken no remedial action on the Red Chinese dope flooding in through the Windy City. Coming in, for example, through small suburban airports encircling Chicago. Our public access Cable TV Program has done stories about this since at least 1994. We told how we met with a top official of the DEA and outlined these crimes. THE DEA OFFICIALS ARE NOT INTERESTED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS, RATHER TO COVER IT UP, to protect the Red Chinese and the Banks.

The Red Chinese clandestine funds are from several sources:
[1] From the proceeds of "China White" flooding the U.S. through Chicago. A pal of the Bush family, Jim Thompson, while Governor of Illinois (1976 to 1990), reportedly arranged the financial and other mechanisms for these shipments and funds. In the 1980s on, it was to benefit the elder Bush, Ollie North, Bill Clinton, and their mutual cronies. The public is generally unaware that Clinton from time to time visited the Bush mansion in Kennebunkport, Maine.

[2] Red China has become a major supplier of human body parts for U.S. hospitals, pieces bought and sold like from a car. They are installed in sick folks with big bucks. The Chinese keep a quantity of political prisoners, particularly those who are healthy. When an order for a heart, liver, kidneys, etc., is received from a U.S. hospital, the Red Chinese condemn to death such a prisoner. Sort of on a "when needed" basis. To protect the human body parts, the prisoners are not shot but beheaded.

[3] The Rockefeller banks, such as what used to be called First National Bank of Chicago, loaned billions of dollars to Red China on the empty promise of repayment in gold from their western provinces. Reneging on payment in gold, the Chinese instead were given immunity from U.S. criminal enforcement, to make payment in "China White", missiles and nuclear weapons smuggling, shipping AK-47 guns, and such to or through the U.S. complicity.

Major fund raiser, campaign and otherwise, for Bill Clinton and his gang, has been Rahm Emanuel. He is an expert reportedly on dirty money through the Chicago markets, particularly the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, called the "Merc". In return, Clinton for five years had Rahm as White House Senior Advisor. On a local TV Show in Chicago, Rahm was shown with his desk right near the door to the Oval Office. He bragged he was the closest to the President. Rahm Emanuel has dual citizenship, U.S. and Israel. He is reputedly the acting deputy station chief for North America of Israeli intelligence, the Mossad (The Institute).

Apparently two-faced, Rahm both set up Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky Affair as well as repeatedly playing the role on network TV of Clinton loyalist.

You need to know lots of details from the past to understand what the FBI is doing more currently. In events leadings up to 1989, a major soybean processor, Archer-Daniels-Midland, vowed to put the armlock on the Chicago markets to further their monopoly. The greedy young traders there generally operate like the Wild West, with the supposed federal regulators willfully blind and terribly corrupted. The purpose was to set up and they did, some 46 young traders. The "Merc" cowboys had a known practice of "front running", getting their own deal in on a very minor basis ahead of their customers. Most of the transaction disparities were as little as five dollars. On the other hand, the FBI, the Chief Federal Prosecutor's office in Chicago, jointly with ADM, incurred expenses of over five million dollars to frame up the "Soybean Ten" on these minor matters. No commodity customer ever complained.

ADM played an instrumental role in these set ups. At the time, I was THE ONLY ONE, pointing out it is illegal for a PRIVATE BUSINESS, namely, ADM, to take over, in effet, the operation of the Federal Prosecutor's Office. This was before Internet, before I got on public access Cable TV, before more widespread talk radio. (The head of ADM, Dwayne Andreas, at the time of Watergate, was so interwoven with Nixon's crimes and should have been sent to prison. In more recent years, ADM's bosses were so crooked in monopoly matters, they WERE SENT TO PRISON.)

The "Soybean Ten" criminal case was handled by Chicago U.S. District Judge George M. Marovich [(312)435-5590]. Marovich owns a west suburban shopping mall, Cermak Plaza, site of reputed criminal money laundries. The top officials of the state tax collectors, the Illinois Department of Revenue and the IRS, Chicago Region Office, are reportedly secret silent partners with the mobsters and Judge Marovich. [Without a search warrant, this Gestapo stole records as to their crimes from us which we were planning to use for an upcoming Cable TV Show about them. The matter is subject of several court cases, us versus them.] Thus subject to blackmail, Judge Marovich went along with the ADM's railroading of the "Soybean Ten" defendants. When the case went up on appeal, I was there at the oral argument of the appeal. Heading the three-judge panel was Federal Appeals Judge Richard D. Cudahy [(312)435-5825]. He is the richest judge in the U.S. According to his mandatory financial annual disclosure, he is the Trustee of the Patrick Cudahy Trust, major former meatpacker now big player in the commodity markets.I tried to tell the families of the some of the "Soybean Ten" that Judge Cudahy, having a major conflict of interest, should not be in charge of the appeal. But being so pro-Establishment types, they did not listen. The defendants were already in jail, as if they were major bank robbers. They were denied release on appeal bond while appeal was pending. Guess who won? Major commodity faker Judge Cudahy upheld the verdict of shopping center mobster Judge Marovich.

The major traders on the "Merc", traditionally,have been the sons and daughters of members of the Jewish aristocracy. On the other hand, the sons and daughters of the Irish Catholic aristocracy, traditionally, dominate the Chicago Board of Trade. It seems to carry out the evil purposes of the Establishment, to rule us by "divide and conquer". That is, to give the false impression that whatever misdeeds, if any, by these traders are to be blamed on the Jewish community COLLECTIVELY, and the Irish Catholic community COLLECTIVELY. Sort of a BLOOD LIBEL on all the men, women, and children of these two minorities.

On the Chicago markets, members of these two minorities, not of the common people but part of the aristocracy, more or less traditionally got along with each other. Ten years after the frame-ups of 1989, the FBI has infiltrated the Merc with their "moles". Some of the handlers of the "moles" are apparently members of British counter-intelligence, MI-6, the Queen's Army of "spooks", no friends of Jews and Irsish Catholics. Somehow or another, traders on the Merc supported Clinton, laundered Red Chinese loot for Clinton's political ambitions, and continue reportedly through Rahm Emanuel and others, to launder funds for Clinton's circle of thieves. Seldom mentioned, for example, is how major soybean trader, Richard Dennis, considered by some to be reportedly highly corrupt, handles soybean and other trading for movie bigshots tight with CLinton and sports stars like Michael Jordan.

Some of the pirates on the Merc wanted to switch their loyalty and support Al Gore's political ambitions. Little known is that in the Clinton Administration, the U.S. Justice Department still consisted of more than 70 per cent of those installed by President Bush. With the FBI "moles" infiltrated at the Merc to frame up traders again, for the benefit again of ADM and other monopolists in commodity and currency trading, it is plain there are plans for a MASSIVE PURGE. It has set loose concealed bigotry among traders of the Irish Catholic aristocracy. They boldly mutter, "To hell with Clinton! Purge the Jews, dammit!" This comes at a time when the British are planning to take over, in London, trading that has been done for more than 150 years and more traditionally in Chicago. The major greed in Chicago is to be replaced with the same in London.

Among the targets of America's secret political police:
===Leasing under less than formal arrangements of seats on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. These deals have been sort of friendly business among rapacious vultures. "You look the other way, I'll look the other way. Let's both pay-off the regulators."
===Failure of "due diligence" in finding out just who the supposed "customer" really is. But the FBI has to be careful not to bring out the political and financial hot potato, the Red Chinese mess. Reagan-Bush Administration crooks like Alexander Haig have been busy working their reputedly crooked China-U.S. deals. Likewise active has been former President Bush's brother, Prescott, in China, and he also reportedly has worked dirty deals with the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. Now a bigshot with the Chicago office of New York-headquartered Wasserstein & Perella, Rahm Emanuel is apparently deep into the Red Chinese dirty money-Chicago dealing also.

==="Back door" dealing in cash with no apparent records. A defiant attitude, "Treasury rules be damned", disregarding federal regulations requiring incoming cash of more than ten thousand dollars to have the source identified. Exemptions being "deposits" from movie theaters, grocery stores, restaurants, and other large cash businesses. {No law so far prevents criminals from owning such places.)

The FBI purpose is clear: to muzzle witnesses as to crimes committed by Bill Clinton and his pals such as George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons George W., and Jeb. According to some in the foreign press, Jeb Bush and his Columbian-born wife are reportedly big in laundering dope proceeds overseas.


Stories for a later date: murdering those in the markets who won't stay muzzled. And the U.S. Hospitals buying and selling Red Chinese human body parts.

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