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The Mysterious Murder Of Christina Moore

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A frightening poem by a woman who would later be murdered:

Murder By Suicide

I might as well teach myself something useful
And learn to love to hate you well
Then wait to kill you with broken hands

And I wonder, what's a better death?
And can I watch your face
As I kill myself in front of you?

Have my screams run through your veins
The only way to make you not forget me
My blood is on your hands.

There was a time forgetting was better
Now it's more satisfying to watch
Myself die in your sight.

--Christina Moore

I cite the following information in regard to an apparent federal police cover up pertaining to the murder of Christina Moore, for it in many ways parallels the cover up behind the death/murder of the late Margie Schoedinger. Schoedinger was found dead several months after filing a 50 million dollar lawsuit against George W. Bush, claiming that Bush (along with several men whom Schoedinger believed were FBI agents) had repeatedly drugged and gang raped her. When Schoedinger contacted the FBI for help, she was ignored, while the FBI contacted George W. Bush to warn him that Mrs. Schoedinger had claimed that he attacked her. What then ensued was a COINTELPRO style attack on Schoedinger and her family by the FBI, at the direction of George W. Bush, which eventually resulted in the death (reported as a suicide by more likely a murder to appear as suicide) of Schoedinger.

The following post by an FBI COINTELPRO target named Thomas S. Bean, in regard to the murder of Christina Moore, and the likely patsy who was framed for killing her.

So who really murdered Moore?

Bean seems to think it was former V.P. Dick Cheney. The following timeline certainly indicates a cover up by police in regard to Moore's murder. What's frightening is how many crimes are committed by *politicians who are well protected by the Intelligence community. It certainly seems that the former President and Vice President of this country were busy in many illegal extracurricular activities during their tenure in the White House.

Intel's Notorious Blackmail Campaigns

*A primary agenda of the U.S. Intelligence community is to exploit human weakness within America's politicians, in order to dig up compromising information on them, which can later be used to blackmail these politicians. This is especially true with the more powerful politicians in this country, as well as Judges and others of considerable legal influence. There is also no question that this is an ongoing operation of the Intel community's, and why few if any politicians will ever actually assist American citizens who contact them for help in ending Intel propagated COINTELPRO campaigns covertly waged against these citizens.

As such, as long as these compromised politicians agree to "play ball" with the Intel community, Intel protects them - as we have seen with politicians like the George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and myriad others whose allegiance has never been to the American people, but instead to the Illuminati and its Intel watchdog.

Moreover, American reporters who attempt to stray beyond the invisible line which the Intel community has created for them to pay mind to, are also targeted for such campaigns. These reporters are then subjected to the destruction of their reputations and careers - some are even murdered - as a reminder to the rest of their peers not to stray from Intel's dictates. In fact, it is Intel's intimidation tactics which have destroyed the U.S. Media system as a legitimate source of information regarding the true activities of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

In fact, it has been such subterfuge which remains responsible for turning the American media system into nothing more than a tool in which to disseminate the Intel community's black propaganda.

See the following powerful testimony by a former Texas Madame who has proven that the Intel community is far more interested in finding ways in which to blackmail U.S. politicians in order to control them, than it is in arresting them for crimes which they commit. An American politician who can be blackmailed into becoming an Intel puppet becomes a precious commodity for the Intel community. In post 9-11 America, there are many such commodities to be found within the U.S. Federal Government.

Testimony By Former Texas Madame Robin Head In Regard To A CIA/FBI Covert Campaign In Which To Blackmail U.S. Politicians

Also See: Hollow Mantras Of Cracked Vision

Thomas S. Bean
Aug 16 2005, 01:50 AM

On September 23rd, 2003, a pregnant, christian housewife had her throat sliced open in front of her toddler in Williamson County, Round Rock, Texas.

Consider the following facts:

1) The RRPD waited 60 days to release a police sketch of "the bearded man" and I have not seen the other police sketch.

2) RRPD were also looking for coconspirators: one wearing a "dewrag" and a "tall, thin, black haired man next to a red pickup truck.

3) I identified the police sketch as an "Austin PD narc" who investigated me back in 1997--2001....as "Phil the narc"...who worked with two uniformed APD officers as security at La Zona Rosa on April 4th, 1997. "Phil the narc" knew NATHAN GRIFFITH (undercover cop wears dewrag) and ROBERT MCNAUGHTON (tall, thin, black haired man driving red pickup truck). These guys work "illegal harassment campaigns" for AUSTIN FBI AND APD.

4) In 97-2001, Austin FBI and APD both conspired to violate my civil liberties after I gave a crime tip identifying Austin FBI agent MICHAEL D. MANNO as "the groper" (a known sex criminal who sexually accosted twenty women in Austin, Texas). This investigation was killed by former Austin FBI agent JOHN MASPERO and Ass. Chief of APD JIMMY CHAPMAN....who sent stalkers, provocateers, and goons after me to run me out of Texas.

5) I posted this info on Copwatch.com in July 2004, and...one day later...RRPD announced a major break in the Moore Murder case. I told the cops to "check the CALEA loop bypass technology" at the main terminal of the phone company to get the info on the illegal police wiretap on Moore's telephone. This wiretap was used to get the info the murderers needed to "hit their window of opportunity." The murder took place in the morning before Christina Moore went to work.

6) Moore's mother (JAN BOEL of Sacremento, California...friend of Governor Schwarzeneger and former Cal. Governor and US Senator PETE WIlSON) has left the home to catch a flight....and Mr. Robert Moore left early for Bible Study. THAT'S THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY THE MURDERERS NEEDED TO MAKE SURE CHRISTINA MOORE WAS ALL ALONE IN HER HOME.

7) The police state actors (Phil the narc, McNaughton, and Griffith) hit their time window after wiretapping the Moore home.

8) The CALEA (Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act) loop bypass technology is a computerized wiretap allowing cops to "wiretap any phone number with the flick of a computer terminal key." The loop bypasses are memorialized on a computer hard disk at the phone company showing "phone number wiretapped"..."phone number the tap is ran back too"...."time stamp"..."date stamp".

9) I posted that crime tip on Copwatch and later Old Guerrilla News Network...and this resulted in "one patsy" being arrested in the murder--a MICHAEL KEITH MOORE who was selected by the hit team as the perfect patsy ( a guy who had been in the pen on a knife charge and theft charge).

10) AUSTIN FBI has had this info that "ties them to the murderers" and obstructed the DNA test...requiring RRPD to retest the DNA--this retesting when compared to FBI's test, shows obstruction of justice by the GOP secret Gestapo (FBI). The DNA came from Christina Moore's fingernails from when she grappled with her attackers. That DNA could be compared to Nathan Griffith's DNA gleaned from a cigarette butt taken out of his home in Austin.

11) Michael Keith Moore is represented by Steven Brittain (who also is representing Tom DeLay) in Austin, Texas. I talked to Brittain who said, "...you realize the cops are involved [in the murder planning]..."... I said, "Yup...I know who they are...".

12) Texas has a 180 day rule in which the prosecutor has to bring a defendant to trial within 180 days or the charges are dismissed. Michael Keith Moore has been incarcerated for a year?! Brittain didn't file the motion for speedy trial...which benefits the prosecutor who still seems to be sorting out the case and "Obviously doesn't have enough to indict Michael Keith Moore."

13) Someone in Round Rock, Texas needs to get a hold of Michael Keith Moore to make sure he has knowledge that "He has to file a motion or a request for a 180 day request" to put the prosecutor on the spot and bring the case to trial.

14) The prosecutor is JOHN "GOP stooge" BRADLEY who is famous for having written the definitive text on "Plea Bargaining" in Texas?! Bradley has had all the info he needs and has watched his lead detective Coombs "not do his job" when Coombs did not conduct a personal interview with two Austin PD cops who know and worked with "Phil the narc." THE POLICE STATE ALWAYS COVERS EACH OTHER'S BACK NO MATTER HOW OUTRAGEOUS OR CRIMINAL THEIR ACTIONS ARE?!

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