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More Evidence Of Life On Mars -- Researcher/Author Of The Earth Chronicles States That Mars Contained A Landing Base For The Annunaki

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The name sounds strange. And the story for the reasons behind their alleged visit to the planet Earth even stranger still. However, as time goes by the hypotheses made by Earth Chronicles' author Zecharia Sitchin, in regard to the Anunnaki's colonization of the planet Earth, continue to gain more credibility.

I've just finished reading the 7TH and final book in Sitchin's Earth Chronicles' series; a work of non fiction that should probably be read by every person of reading age - UFO believers and skeptics alike, since it gives a plausible reason to believe that the human race was created by extraterrestrials, initially for the sole purpose of acting as slave labor on this planet.

In the latter portion of his book entitled "The End Of Days," Dr. Sitchin cites the destruction of the Russian probe on Mars - appropriately named Phobos 2, by what appears to have been a UFO. In one of the last photos sent by Phobos 2 before it was destroyed by some type of laser beam weapon, Phobos captures what appears to be the silhouette of a UFO craft flying in the skies above Mars. The last photo appears to show an object of some type heading straight for Phobos 2 just before any further contact with Phobos 2 was permanently lost. An earlier craft (Phobos 1) was lost before it ever even reached the surface of Mars (likely destroyed in the same fashion as Phobos 2).

Dr. Sitchen has long stated that Mars was a stop off point for those Illuminati who chose not to return to Planet X - (otherwise known as Nibiru - the home of the Anunnaki; Sitchin believes that Nibiru is the 12TH Planet in our solar system, however, has such an elongated orbit, that it takes thousands of years for it to complete one full rotation throughout our solar system).

It is also Dr. Sitchin's belief that the Anunnaki still maintain a robotic presence on the planet Mars, and that it may well have been one of their craft which destroyed Phoebos 2. Perhaps they don't want their offspring spying on them?

In keeping this in mind, the following article is of interest:

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