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Intel Interferes With This Author's Current Bank Statements/The Federal Reserve System & Communism

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The Criminal Communist Banking Establishment In America

For nearly two decades, the bank statements from the financial brokerage that I deal with have always arrived in the same envelope. However, today, only one of these statements arrived. And there is little doubt that the FBI is now interfering with the brokerage that I have dealt with trouble free for all these years (such interference by these FBI criminals is a federal crime being committed by an agency that does not even have a legal charter in which to exist). This is further evidence that this whore of the Illuminati operates criminally, and can interfere with virtually any organization (federal or otherwise) in the United States.

I pity the American proletariat for their ignorance in regard to the extent of the FBI's outrageous criminality, for they are the ones whose freedoms this organization was created to destroy.

Moreover, given the FBI's collusion with the NSA in which to violate this author and his Familys' constitutional rights (by way of the most egregious color of law violations ever documented), it's no surprise that the FBI continues its criminal rampage against this author. One in which the Bureau's agents must now rely on a totally corrupted justice department, media and Congress in which to exculpate themselves from these outrageous crimes.

Intel's propaganda machine continues to work overtime in demonizing this author, who's corroborated virtually every aspect of the NSA's notorious Signals Intelligence operations, including the brain fingerprinting and computer to brain interfacing capabilities of this New World Order information/mind control hub of operations.

As such, Intel's objective is to attack every aspect of the life of my person and Family; a situation in which the rule of law is non existent. I am truly beginning to understand how people like Michael Boren Williams, Margie Shoedinger, Jean Seberg, Judi Bari, and a myriad of others whose rights the FBI decimated, must have felt, when this criminal stain on the American people decided to violate with extreme prejudice every aspect of their rights as American citizens. The FBI's attacks on these citizens have in fact defined this EVIL entity for what the Bureau and its minions really are.

With such grievous attacks on the constitutionally protected rights of Americans, the FBI has proven that it must be abolished as soon as possible.

Moreover, since the FBI is not legally chartered to operate within the United States, every aspect of this agency's existence, including every arrest that the FBI has made since 1908, must be considered to be both fraudulent and illegal.

As such, any American who unwittingly acknowledges the FBI as a law enforcement organization is in reality endorsing a criminal syndicate whose prime function is to decimate the United States Bill of Rights, under the guise of propagating the bogus war on terror begun under the PNAC controlled Bush Administration.

The FBI's Attack On The Nuclear Family

As part of its COINTELPRO operations the FBI quickly moves to isolate the targeted person from their immediate Family and friends. The Bureau accomplishes this by using coercion in which to control Family members, which allows for frequent meetings in which the targeted person is repeatedly demonized by the FBI to Family members.

Unable to fight back, Family members are then used by the FBI in which to take part in the psychological operations against the targeted person. These attacks become more vicious over time, as the FBI succeeds in eroding what were once strong bonds between Family members and the COINTELPRO targeted Family member. Moreover, any attempt by the target in which to repair the damage that the FBI has caused in these relationships is immediately met with an increase by the FBI of further intimidation of Family members.

It soon becomes clear to the target that their Family members will be severely punished in some way for failure to kowtow to the FBI's sadistic demands, which take their toll as time goes by.

Even worse is that the hatred by Family members for the target can become unbearable to the target over time, given the extreme brainwashing which takes place. The FBI simply wears these Family members down to the point where they have no fight left in them in which to defend their rights, and instead see the death of the targeted Family member as the only means for their own survival.

As such, many Family members will take this hatred with them to their graves, as the FBI relishes its triumph of such an EVIL act. One way in which to counter this is to make certain as a target of such viciousness that one never allows the FBI or any other propagator of such EVIL to allow them to hate their Family members as these members have been conditioned to hate them.

It is only when the FBI manages to get both the Families of these COINTELPRO targets as well as the targets themselves to despise one another, that the Bureau has succeeded in its twisted and depraved actions.

As such, it is important to remember that these Family members are brainwashed, and no longer responsible for much of the cruelty that they are forced by the Bureau to subject other targeted family members to. This psychological warfare which the FBI forces Family members to wage against their COINTELPRO targeted Family members is extremely vicious and can occur for many years without any relief.

When the FBI wages such overt attacks on the rights of any U.S. citizen, it is because the Bureau itself is hiding its own terrible crimes from the American public. The FBI by the accounts of many of its own former agents, is a torturer and murderer which operates with complete disdain for any rule of law.

And an equal impunity for having committed such crimes, since the Department Of Justice has historically (likely out of fear of retribution) refused to prosecute FBI agents for their color of law crimes.

So is it any wonder why these agents are so abusive and equally arrogant, since thus far most FBI agents have been able to commit any and all crimes (including cold blooded murder) without being held accountable for them. As for those of us who fight to defend our freedoms at the hands of these Nazi wannabes, there will come a time where our fight will become the fight of the American middle class, whose rights the FBI continues to flagrantly ignore.

The FBI's No More Legal Than The IRS

The truth of the matter is that the FBI's operations within the United States are no more legitimate than that of the privately held and Communist controlled Federal Reserve System and its Internal Revenue Service collection agency. Something that my ever increasing numbers of *readers can research for themselves over the WWW.

Researching the FBI through the Library of Congress has proven that the FBI has no legal charter for its operations, and never has. As such, the FBI's existence in the United States has always been illegal.

*Editor's Note: Intel's frozen the page counter in the profile area of this Website. In the past Intel's manipulation of the page counter became so problematic, that I removed it from my last Website (Intel actually had the main page counter going backwards at one point before they had the Website deleted - The American people's tax dollars being piddled away by these psychopathic misanthropes).

Just minutes after I posted the above comment in regard to Intel manipulating the page counter for the profile section of this blog, the number of hits for the page was altered for the first time in weeks. This is just a further indication of how Intel continues to manipulate the venues which a COINTELPRO target accesses as part of such psychological operations.

The objective is to drive the target insane.

As for operating fraudulently, the Internal Revenue Service is not part of any division of the United States Treasury. Instead, the IRS is nothing but a private collection agency that is a division of the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve central bank consortium.

Zionists are Communists, as are those who control the Federal Reserve System. Central banks are Communist in their origins, which is why the American people should ask themselves exactly what a Communistic central bank is doing in a country that claims to have a capitalist driven economy?

The answer is protecting the wealthy upper class, while imposing a graduated system of taxation (a communist ideal) in which to prevent middle class Americans from ever accumulating any substantial wealth. The rich have always kept the middle class down by some covert means in which to plausibly steal from them. And that is exactly what the wealthy banking establishment in the United States has been doing to the American middle class for as long as there's been a central bank; beginning with the First Bank of The United States, Second Bank of The United States, and finally, the Federal Reserve System. The Illuminati's elite will simply not tolerate those whom they deem to be their inferiors establishing positions of wealth - regardless of what country they reside in.

The greatest deception here is that it appears on the surface that the upper class in the United States pay taxes based on this system of graduated taxation. However, the elite have access to tax dodges that the American middle class does not.

The truth is that the wealthiest people in the United States pay very little in taxes, while some pay no taxes at all. Perhaps the most clever tax dodge in recent memory was the merging of the two wealthiest Americans - Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, into a charitable trust which allows them to still maintain control of their fortunes without ever paying a dime in taxes. You don't get to be a billionaire by paying taxes - you leave that to middle class Americans.

The federal income tax - a very clever aspect of the class warfare being waged by the Illuminati against the American proletariat, through its Zionist controlled Federal Reserve central bank.

If the American middle class understood the "true nature" of the Federal Reserve System and IRS, they would refuse to pay a federal income tax, understanding that these organizations are operating criminally, while fleecing the American middle class workers out of a large percentage of their annual income. Two organizations which the United States Congress and FBI continue to aid and abet.

America From Freedom To Fascism Exposed The Federal Reserve System Fraud:

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