Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Intel Again Tampers With An Internet Transaction

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*Editors Note: Intel continues to become increasingly obsessive and brazen in regard to their covert attacks on this author. Recently, these pathetic misanthropes prevented one of two bank statements from arriving (several years ago, Intel began to *interfere with this author's credit cards until both ended up being cancelled without cause); now they intercept a bank statement from the mail (or even worse include the bank in the aiding and abetting of this federal crime).

As far as gas lighting tactics are concerned, the most recent one again concerns the tampering of food. I make homemade yogurt from time to time which is not only delicious but also very healthy to eat. In the last batch that I made, someone put small shards of paper in either the bottle of milk that I used in which to make this yogurt (it was a fresh bottle which I opened), or did so while the milk was being heated on the stove, or cooking in the yogurt maker.

The end result was that there were several small pieces of paper which were in the yogurt when it was ready for consumption. This happened the last time that I made yogurt, however, I chalked it up to some carelessness in quality control at the company which produces the milk. The fact that this has now occurred for a second time indicates food tampering either with the milk itself, or someone tampering with the milk once I have opened the milk carton. This is the type of plain insanity that these Intel agents are capable of; a malicious mind set which (like their inherent criminal operations) apparently knows no bounds.

*See: The FBI's COINTELPRO Against This Author & Some Examples Of The Psychological Warfare Campaign That Intel Continues To Subjugate My Person & Family To In The Present Day -- The Criminal Intel Community

Intel Again Interferes With Online Transaction

Today, a CD which I was ordering for another Family member more than a month ago (who decided not to go through with the purchase) arrived along with an online purchase that I made a few days ago. This CD was sent by Amazon.com, even though the online purchase for this particular item was never actually sent through. The other item which was ordered from Amazon arrived fine. However, Intel took the opportunity since this item had been ordered recently, to have the CD shipped as well, knowing full well, that more than a month ago I chose not to actually place the order.

However, the latest purchase of the one item, did give Intel the opportunity for further sabotage with the CD.

And it has become obvious that Intel decided to lump the CD into the recent purchase of an item which was made only a few days ago. In doing so, they deliberately falsified the record, by including the CD as an additional purchase which was not ordered by this author.

I have now been forced to write to Amazon.com in order to have them credit this item to the account of a Family member which was erroneously charged. Many other targets of COINTELPRO have described similar acts of subterfuge, in which their constitutional rights have been completely disregarded by a community of agents who are more criminal than the Mafia has ever been.

This is just one of myriad manipulations which the FBI and its corrupted and perverted cadre of degenerate minions have committed against this author over the past several years alone. Far more crimes perpetrated by Intel have taken place against this author and his Family over the past several decades, while the agents involved remain free to commit their crimes against others.

This is also further proof that these agencies believe that they are above the Constitutional rule of law and immune from prosecution, regardless of how egregious their crimes are. And for this reason, in addition to myriad others, they must be exposed for the Illuminati controlled reprobates that they are, and stopped from perpetrating their treasonous crimes in the future. The Intel community has always been anti-American (in fact Nazi in its origins), and since passage of the Patriot Act, become total anathema to the Constitutional rule of law.
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