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Illness Said To Be Norovirus Affects One Westchester & Long Island School -- Are These Students Being Covertly Subjected To Crystalized Bioweapons?

Mystery Illnesses Sack Westchester, L.I. Schools
Hundreds Sickened By Norovirus At Horace Greeley High In Chappaqua; Dozens Taken Ill At Amityville School

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Norovirus Sickens Students At Two New York Schools

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Diseases Created For The U.S. Military As Biological Weapons Have A Common Linking Pathogen -- Weaponized Brucellosis

Is This Norovirus Or Something Else?

If you research the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complexes history of disseminating their bio weapons, you will find a common method of operation. These bio weapons are oftentimes used to target people in a way in which their long-term effects can be studied. For instance, Intel agencies like the CIA have long tested such weaponry on prisoners because their medical records and health conditions could be made readily accessible to those within the CIA, who could then determine how these weapons affected those being targeted by them.

Cruise ships are also an ideal locale for such outbreaks to occur, as are medical facilities where the records of personnel provide those who disseminate these weapons with ideal subjects, since they can determine the medical and psychological conditions of these people prior to being subjected to such bio weapons.

*The Chestnut Hill Hospital in Maryland is an example of the use of such personnel in the testing of bio weapons which have been made airborne through of process of crystallization. In the 1960's many of the nursing staff at this hospital came down with a mysterious illness (likely weaponized Brucella converted into an airborne pathogen) which characterized such unexplained outbreaks. Because their medical records were readily available, these nurses were seen as ideal candidates by the military - intelligence complex in which to test such bio weapons; this in order to determine how effective the particular bio weapon they chose to deploy on the Chestnut Hill Hospital's nursing staff was.

Such bio weapons can be easily disseminated through the ventilation systems in buildings. As such, schools are not immune from such attacks either, where students (whose health records are on file with the school) become a primary target for bio weapons' testing. A federal government that would burn children and their parents alive as we have seen in the FBI/BATF attack on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, would think nothing of using children in which to covertly experiment on.

Given this, one must wonder if the following outbreak is merely coincidental, or perhaps both the Chappaqua and Amityville schools were chosen for a specific reason. And time will tell. The medical conditions of the students who were infected in both Horace Greeley High School and the Amityville school, should be carefully monitored in the future in order to determine if a pattern of chronic illness in these students becomes apparent. Hopefully, this won't be the case.

Yet, the fact that so many students were sickened by what is being characterized as the same pathogen, and in two different New York schools, must in itself be considered anomalous.

Moreover, if students from these schools should suddenly experience chronic illness in the future, both schools must then be considered possible targets for the U.S. Federal Government's covert weapons' testing programs.

The real problem here though, is that even if this turns out to be the case, the National Institutes of Health and Centers For Disease Control will do everything possible in which to discredit any legitimate sufferers of such an illness by claiming that the illness is psychosomatic. A situation which CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune deficiency disorder) and chronically ill Lyme Disease patients have experienced for decades, in which these patients continue to be all but ignored by these agencies. Because that is what the NIH and CDC do in cases where they are already aware that some of the U.S. Federal Government's own biological weapons are responsible for causing prohibitively expensive epidemics within the U.S. population.

As the U.S. Federal Government learned long ago, it is much easier to lie in regard to such nefarious acts, then it is to acknowledge having committing them. Which is why the NSA will never admit to brain fingerprinting the American people, nor using many of us for non consensual human experimentation.

These agencies simply have far too much to lose if they admit to these crimes, and would much prefer to maintain this lie then suffer the consequences for allowing such misery to take place. However, with a full blown depression soon to the hit the American middle class head on, and in spite of Wall Street's attempts in which to put a positive spin on the current economic doldrums, it will be the unavoidable poverty which is already beginning to affect the American middle class, and its likely uprising, which will eventually send the legislators in this country the unavoidable message which they have thus far refused to acknowledge; that you cannot base a nation's currency on thin air without eventually destroying its inherent value.

From the moment that the Federal Reserve System took the American people off the gold standard, the only value which the Federal Reserve Note has had is in its perception.

Now, seventy six years later, the Federal Reserve System and U.S. Congress are finding that the perception of the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency is in serious jeopardy. So much so, that President Barack Obama is now cozying up to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, hoping that Chavez will once again begin to accept Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for the purchase of Venezuelan oil. However, there is little chance of that happening again, unless the dollar is once again based on the gold standard. And for that to happen, the American people would have to take the gold which the Federal Reserve has stolen from them (and claims to be holding as collateral on the bogus debt that this glorified counterfeiter has used to take the U.S. Federal Government and American people hostage) and storing it in Fort Knox.

Americans are the rightful owners of this gold bullion. The Federal Reserve System stole it from them, and must eventually pay the penalty for having done so. Just as the NSA must pay the penalty for having used many Americans for non consensual human experimentation.
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