Monday, December 01, 2008

Burger King's Secret Joke On Its Customers -- A Further Sign Of A Brainwashed & Perverted Society

Patrons of the Burger King chain of fast food restaurants have recently noticed a new addition to the fast food chain's menu -- "The Burger Shot."

This affordable meal consists of two hockey puck sized charcoal broiled burgers -- nothing inherently wrong with that. Unless of course you find the cruel and vicious murders of animals who are bred as nothing but a source of food, to be revolting and irredeemable.

Moreover, unbeknown to most of the patrons of this family eatery, long before Burger King decided to use this term to market one of its products, the term "Burger Shot" has long been used within the porn industry in which to describe a still shot or video of a woman's genitalia.

Should BK's patrons learn of this, we'll see just how long it is before their new hit product becomes a contentious issue to be boycotted by scads of angry customers.

Burger King, take some advice and change the name of your latest offering before it costs you what's left of your crediblity as well as adversely impacts on your already falling revenues. How about some truth in advertising for a nice change of pace -- why not call the dang things what they really are: "Charred Pucks!"
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