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Congressman Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign To "End The Federal Reserve System" -- House Resolution H.R. 2755 To Repeal The Federal Reserve Act

*Note that Congressman Ron Paul has also called for the abolition of the FBI and other agencies within the U.S. Intel conmmunity which were not created based on the U.S. Constitutional rule of law, and which have a long and troubling history of operating unconstitutionally -- In other words, the ENTIRE U.S. Intel Community should be abolished since it remains a threat to the privacy and freedom of all American citizens.

Repealing The Federal Reserve Act Is A Necessity

Read more about the campaign in which to repeal the Federal Reserve Act -- this would allow for the abolition of the Federal Reserve System and its global counterfeiting operations, as well as the Federal income tax that has been illegally imposed by the IRS since 1913.

Repealing the Federal Reserve Act would also eventually result in also repealing the 16TH Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was never properly ratified in the first place, and the subject of several Supreme Court cases, in which it was found that the 16TH Amendment did not confer any new powers of taxation on the U.S. Congress. However, the Congress imposed an illegal income tax on the wages of the American worker, knowing that it was illegal to do so.

End The Federal Reserve System by forcing Congress to pass House Resolution 2755. The destruction of the privately held Federal Reserve will get rid of the illegal graduated income tax system in this country, enable us to go back on the gold standard, thus restoring the value of U.S. currency.

Learn more about this here:

From The EndTheFED Website

On November 22, 2008, ninety-eight years later, there will be rallies at every Federal Reserve Bank and office in the country. Activists will demand an end to private banker control over the nation's money supply and the return to a hard, commodity backed monetary system. Their slogan is simple and direct: "End the Fed! Sound Money for America!"

End the Fed! activists believe that the Federal Reserve Bank, through its inflation of the money supply and the distortion of free markets resulting from its intervention, is responsible for the current financial and economic crisis. They also hold that the current round of "bailouts" and federal government nationalization of large segments of the financial sector further inflates the US dollar and disrupts the proper functioning of the markets and will ultimately serve to plunge the nation into an even more severe crisis, quite possibly even into a serious depression.

Petition To Abolish The Criminal Federal Reserve System:

End the Fed! supports the passage of Representative Ron Paul's legislation which would repeal the Federal Reserve Act, H.R. 2755.

More On The Federal Reserve System's Criminal Operations

America From Freedom To Fascism

If you haven't seen this director's legacy to the American people, you owe it to yourselves to do so:

Aaron Russo's documentary on the criminal conspiracy which the U.S. Congress, Federal Reserve Bank, and IRS have been perpetrating against middle class America since 1913:

America From Freedom To Fascism:

Also see: THE CREDIT RIVER DECISION -- Trial Judge Martin V. Mahoney Finds The Federal Reserve Act Unconstitutional And Void -- Ends Up Murdered For It

Also see:

* Former IRS agent Bill Benson's book "The Law That Never Was" is a compendium of the 17,000 pages of documentation which he came across while doing research to determine whether or not the 16TH Amendment to the United States Constituiton was legally ratified. According to Benson's extensive research, the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified and thus illegal.

This means that the federal income tax that the IRS collects under its extortion racket is illegal.

An interesting side note to all of this is that when the Federal Reserve System and IRS found out that Benson had this research, they set him up on bogus charges in order to arrest him, then attempted to bribe him so that he would tell them exactly where he found this information; information he accumulated when he traveled to the 48 Continental states to do his research.

Here we had a situation in which the IRS was negotiationg with someone whom they had arrested for tax evasion?

When have you ever heard of the IRS negotiating with an American citizen who was arrested on tax evasion charges?


According to Benson, this inducement was nothing but a bribe by the IRS in order to find out where he found all of the information that proved the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified, so that the IRS and Federal Reserve could destroy physical evidence which proved that the entire federal income tax system in this country is a complete fraud.

Fortunately, Benson held his ground and was eventually released. However, that did not prevent the Federal Reserve System/IRS/U.S. Congress criminal syndicate from using the Judicial system in which to threaten him to remain silent.

*As of January of 2008, Bill Benson has been slapped with an injunction to stop circulating "The Law That Never Was," and to stop telling people that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified. This injunction is an attempt by the criminals within the US Federal Government, to prevent Benson from circulating the truth about the fraud which the US Congress, IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have perpetrated against the American people since 1913. Read about what he's presently being subjected to here:

The American taxpayers are being subjected to an outright US Federal Government sponsored fraud, which costs them nearly a trillion dollars a year, in an ongoing and illegally imposed federal income tax which is based not on the Constitutional rule of law, but instead the Communist Manifesto.

"The 16TH Amendment has never been ratified by any of the 48 contiguous US States"

-- Former IRS Agent Joe Banister

See Joe Banister discuss this US Congressional fraud here:

A five part video in which Joe Banister discusses the IRS' shakedown of the American worker:





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