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Article By Another NSA Mind Control Target - "Project Freedom's" George Farqhar -- George Also Documents Being Subjected To Remote Neural Monitoring

Thus far, the only TI's who have alleged NSA harassment in their experiences as Mind Control Targets are author Gloria Naylor, George Farqhar and myself. However, I expect that in the future many other TI's will realize that the NSA is in fact responsible for their use as non consensual human experimentees, and take a stand against this New World Order controlled criminal syndicate.

The following is an article written by *George describing his experiences living in this US Intel created infernal purgatory, and a comment he made in regard to a 1996 Nexus Magazine article, which detailed former NSA associate John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA. As well as its Electronic Brain Link technology; which the NSA illegally uses to remotely read the minds of citizens whom it uses for non consensual human experimentation. I have been one of these citizens since 1980, and am certain that there are millions of others in the United States alone who are braintapped by the NSA, without even realizing it.

* In the following article, George Farquhar also describes his family members being subjected to the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology (being electronically brain tapped by way of a satellite and artificial intelligence computer). I believe that my family has been brain tapped for at least the past few years. And the FEDS continue to use coercion to keep them silent in regard to the NSA/FBI/DHS collusion to attack me with this technology, while violating in the most precedent setting ways, my rights as an American citizen.

In reality, the rights of each of my family members have been violated in precedent setting fashion, and continue to be, as these federal New World Order criminals subjugate us to this nightmare.

"It's totally obvious from the above article that the US National Security Agency is none other than a covertly run terrorist organization.

Their highly sophisticated technology that is used to monitor and manipulate the minds of millions of innocent people daily, is a blatant expression of the dominating and authoritarian mentality that exists behind the facade of our so called democratic society.

George Orwell's "THOUGHT POLICE" is an absolute reality in today's world.

Whether we realize it or not, every individual within our society is negatively effected by this dictatorship attitude.

It has to change - It will change - It starts with you!"

-- George Farquhar, Project Freedom

My Personal Experiences of being used as a
Remote Mind Control Experiment by the
Intelligence Agencies.
by G. Farquhar

My name is G. Farquhar, born Edinburgh, Scotland, 6th July 1955 This report briefly details my experiences of being used as a Remote Mind Control experiment by certain departments of the intelligence agencies, whom I refer to as the "Mind Control Police" (MCP).

An overview:

I believe I have been remotely monitored by the intelligence agencies "Mind Control Police" since 1984. Microwave radiation attacks and Remote Mind Control Experiments started in 1997 while in Canada and have continued in Europe. I have also experienced : police burglaries, police and "black" helicopter harassment's, and continual police surveillance since 1994.

Last year in 1998 I decided to dedicate my life to exposing the Mind Control Police. Since then, members of my family are now being subjected to police harassments and Psychotronic attacks. I have opened a website, Project Freedom, toward the expose' of Remote Mind Control Weapons used by the police hierarchy and intelligence agencies against society. A successful protest took place at the House of Commons, London on 19th October 1999, regarding this atrocity of human rights abuse.

A new protest is being planned at the Echelon NSA Mind Control Center, Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, England. This will take place on Saturday 1st of April 2000. May the fools be exposed!

The following is a outline of a very complex and bizarre story of my past, the details of which are far deeper than is expressed in this report. In 1982 I emigrated to Australia where my family live. In 1991 I became involved in a variety of crimes to make money to enable me to pay off land which I owned at the time. In early 1992 I was arrested and charged with the offences and thereafter let out on bail.

I soon decided that I did not wish to stand trial and left Australia two weeks after my arrest to live in the U.K. Soon after arriving in the U.K. My family informed me that the police had been to my house to re-arrest me only 2 hours after I had left to travel to the airport. At the time, I believed this to be a lose "getaway".

I now know that the police hierarchy knew of my intention to leave the country, and were willing to let me go because of their ulterior motives. Although the media had informed the Australian public otherwise, the police hierarchy intentionally let me go "on the run", and have known my every movement and exact whereabouts since the day I left Australia over seven years ago.

Five years ago in March 1994, in Perth, Scotland, I started a seven-month prison term for a simple fraud offence.

Approximately three weeks prior to this I realised that I was under 24-hour police surveillance, including being constantly circled and harassed by the anti-terrorist, tactical response "Black" helicopter. So, why would an anti-terrorist aircraft be used for the surveillance of a fraud offence?

Due to my recent research:

Strong evidence suggests that "Black" helicopters have a far more sinister application than just tactical response. They have been purpose built for the control of society in a National Emergency and many will carry Remote Mind Control Weapons, as they do today. After around two weeks of this constant police surveillance and intimidation, I attempted to escape their clutches one particular day, with the intention of travelling to Europe.

My brother Alex, whom I was living with at the time, decided to travel with me, therefore he is a direct witness to the following events. After the usual 24 hr surveillance without managing to get away, we ended up in an area of dense forest by nightfall. Prior to reaching the forest, I noticed that one of the surveillance
vehicles used to track me was a large unmarked van, which appeared several times in different locations while I was "on the run".

It was completely white in colour with two white satellite discs on top. As I intentionally passed the van on foot to glance into the cabin, two men sitting inside wearing black overalls glared straight through me. I knew these people had something to do with my surveillance, but I did not know to what degree.

Due to my recent research:

I now believe this vehicle to be a Remote Mind Control technology and weaponry carrier, purpose-built by the intelligence agencies to monitor and manipulate society toward behavioural control. After several hours of trekking through the forest, cut, bruised, exhausted, trapped by brambles and able to go no further, my brother and I eventually became completely surrounded by well over a dozen police. They came as close as 30 metres, flashlights bearing down on us, when they stopped, signalled to each other by whistling, and then turned out their flashlights one by one. I was now expecting to be arrested immediately. However, this was not to be.

To my amazement, at daybreak there was not a police officer in sight, and I was not arrested until one week later. So what could be the motives of the police to overtly terrorize me, then simply back off?

During this period, my parents apartment, where I was living, had been burgled on a number of occasions by the police. For example, I would come home in the afternoon and find family photos intentionally scattered around, yet nothing (that I know of) was actually taken. The police were making it blatantly obvious that they wanted me to know I was under surveillance. I was bewildered how they could possibly benefit from this unbelievable overkill of surveillance for a simple fraud offence. I was not to discover the reason why until over four years later.

When I was eventually arrested in Perth, Scotland, my girlfriend was simultaneously arrested, although I had not seen her for four weeks and was living 300 miles away in Manchester, England. She had nothing at all to do with my charges and the police knew this. Yet they promptly went to Manchester University where she was sitting final exams for her degree, and arrested, charged and imprisoned her for conspiring with me.

She was later released and all charges were dropped. Although we were very much in love, the last time Wendy and I saw each other was through a hole in a prison-cell door. I had visited three criminal lawyers a total of five times prior to my arrest in order to try and understand from a professional viewpoint why it would be necessary for the police to behave in such an oppressive and aggressive manner, with no apparent motives. One lawyer, George Moore from Edinburgh,who eventually represented my case, told me that in over thirty years of practice as a criminal defence solicitor, he had never experienced anyone who had been so blatantly harassed and intimidated by the police.

After my court case was over, the media did their usual, expressing the "facts" to the public on my case. They had failed though, to mention the fact that I had been under constant and intense surveillance for several weeks prior to my arrest. According to "official" police statements, I was immediately arrested on a (so called) tip off.

So, what were the police really doing, and what did they have to hide? Again, it was four years later I was to find out. I vowed my first experience of prison would be my last. During this period however, I did encounter many powerful and extraordinary experiences. Firstly, I encountered many deep and enlightening inner experiences which led me to a full understanding that I and every other human being were not only our bodies, mind and emotions, as I had previously believed, but multidimensional spiritual beings.

Secondly, as my mind was opening up to my newly discovered and beautiful knowledge, I realised also that the physical world that we are all part of is going through a dramatic change.

This change includes the surfacing of information regarding the long hidden fact that the human race is being totally manipulated through a hierarchical structure of control by an Elite World Government. This deceitful and compartmentalised structure is concealed from humanity at large and is designed to give the majority of the power to a very small minority of the population.

Some of my understanding of this came from many in-depth conversations with several of my fellow prisoners who tend to know far more about the deceitful activities which are being perpetrated behind the scenes than that of which the general public are aware. These conversations led me to realise the truth of a number of facts, including the atrocity that the police hierarchy are in collusion with the IRA hierarchy. Terrorist activities are planned and orchestrated by both parties.

I also received a direct and first hand account that chief police psychiatrists are intentionally allowing drug-addicted, psychopathic "potential" mass-murderers (known to have a firearms supply) to roam free without treatment. In fact, treatment is being refused by the chief police psychiatrists when requested by these "potentials". These findings are well documented in my journal.

Due to my recent research:

I realise that these "potentials" are deliberately untreated and free to be "triggered" at some specific time in the future, inciting their latent desire for a mass-murder spree. The triggering will come from the intelligence agencies Remote Mind-Control weaponry, when the Elite World Government get closer to fully implementing their New World Order agenda.

The New World Order agenda is being engineered toward a World Centralised Government, Army, Banking System, Electronic currency and a Microchipped Population before the year 2005, all which have fundamental implications for human freedom. Due to these understandings, I strongly felt and intended, that when I was released from prison I would travel the world to gain a deeper understanding of myself, and therefore others. I also felt strongly impelled to tell anyone who had an open mind, about the structure of control that exists in the world today.

Two days prior to my release from prison the chief warden called me into her office to tell me she had just received a fax from Interpol. The fax said that the Australian authorities wanted me regarding my crimes in Australia and I was not to be released on my proposed liberation date.

She informed me she had no intention of following these instructions from Interpol as it was none of her concern. Because of this information I was in no doubt I would be arrested on my release. Only much later did I realize that this was just one of the many intimidation ploys by police hierarchy I was yet to endure.

After my release from prison in September 1994, I very soon became aware that I was yet again under 24-hour surveillance by undercover police. This continued for a two-week period up until I left the UK to live in Tenerife, Canary Islands for a while. During this two week period, I was circled by police helicopters on about ten different occasions. Again it was clearly evident this blatant surveillance was not about covertly watching me to see what I was doing, but to inform me that I was being watched and intimidated.

After arriving in Tenerife, I soon realized that the surveillance was still evident, but to a more subtle degree in comparison to my two weeks after liberation from prison. My apartment was occasionally circled by police helicopters, and I received a number of covert visits from Spanish plain-clothed police.

For example, on one occasion a single police officer came to my apartment asking who I was, under the pretence that he was searching for someone else. On another occasion, four plain-clothed police officers came into the gym where I was working out and strongly and repeatedly requested that I came down to the police station to supposedly help them out with an identity parade.

Although there were several people in the gym at the time, they specifically stressed that they only wanted me. Of course I refused. After four months of living in Tenerife, I decided to move on. I wanted to start travelling, backpacking the world to broaden my horizons. I was also desperate to get away from the police
harassment that I was being subjected to. However, this was to prove impossible.

In March 1995, I travelled to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for the purpose of expanding my knowledge of yoga, meditation and inner development, which I had started in prison. During these travels I would occasionally be subjected to covert undercover police visits to "check me out", with the occasional intensive police-helicopter harassment. By now I knew undoubtedly that Interpol were involved.

After around eighteen months, I left India to continue my travels through Asia, visiting Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Japan, totaling two years and four months.

During this time, undercover police surveillance and harassment continued. Police helicopter harassment was very intense, particularly when I was in meditation retreats. Throughout Asia I had practised at seven meditation retreats in four countries for up to four weeks in each retreat. In every retreat that I was in, I was harassed by police helicopters. There was also a distinct pattern identical to these harassment's. On the second day of each of my retreats, the intimidation's would commence. First the helicopter would start by flying in circles around the meditation or monastery complex for around thirty minutes to one hour. It would then hover extremely low, directly above the roof of the exact building that I was in for 3-5 minutes.

The helicopter would be so low that it sounded as if the pilot wanted to land on the roof! It would then take off, circling again around the complex for up to a few hours. The helicopter would return every other day in order to act out similar procedures.

I was, without a shadow of doubt, directly experiencing the totally negative, dominating and authoritarian "Big Brother" mentality that exists in this world. For what reasons however, I did not know. . . . yet!

From Japan I travelled to Canada to live in Vancouver for six months. During this time I experienced very little with regard to police surveillance, and only one series of helicopter harassment's during a one week meditation retreat with virtually identical tactics to my Asian experiences. I have around a dozen friends and acquaintances that can verify this incident.

Apart from this particular harassment, I was relieved that my surveillance in general was now much less intense than I had encountered in the past. There was a reason for this however, which I was soon to discover.

During the time I lived in Vancouver from July until December 1997, I experienced virtually every evening the following range of physiological and psychological symptoms: Nervousness and irritable physical sensations throughout the body, difficulty in thinking clearly, headaches, loud snapping noises in my head, short-term memory loss, disordered thought patterns, lethargy, nausea and insomnia. During a three-week period in the months of September and October, members of my family came to visit me on a trip from Australia.

During this time I also experienced the following symptoms which increased with more intensity right up until my family left. Very negative and unpleasant physical sensations, best described as a crawling feeling throughout the body, nervous shaking, difficulty in concentrating and very short attention span,highly irregular and extreme out-of-character thought, emotional and behavioural patterns, grossly impaired reasoning faculties, and spontaneous mental blanks.

All these symptoms only appeared in the late afternoon or early evening. During the day I would be my normal, relaxed, laid back self. After my family returned to Australia, I came to the distinct conclusion that I had become spontaneously insane at certain times during this 3 week period due to the uncharacteristic psychological patterns that I had experienced.

Due to my recent research:

I believe without any doubt, that during my stay in Canada, I was being bombarded with microwave radiation's, and that I was being mentally and emotionally manipulated by Remote Microwave Mind Control Weaponry. National Security Agency's Kinnecome Group, Fort Meade, who are known for such attacks on the American peopleI also believe that these attacks may have been executed by the US .

In December 1997, I travelled on to Europe. My intention was to backpack around many countries before returning to Canada. On April 9th 1998, I reached Amsterdam. I very soon realised I was under police surveillance yet again, which included being constantly photographed with normal and hidden cameras and video cameras.

This time however, it was with the most ferocious intensity and blatant show of force I had yet encountered, even as far back as prior to my arrest in the UK four years earlier. I was completely bewildered by the motives behind this surveillance bombardment, but I was very soon to discover the reason why.

Again I started to encounter negative physical and psychological symptoms which were identical to Canada, this time with additional phenomena. Some of these newly imposed phenomena were:

Hearing someone talking some distance away which would normally be totally inaudible due to the distance of the person and the surrounding noises in the environment. This hearing was not through the ear, but heard within my head! When speaking to travelling friends I had met ,I would want to make a particular statement, yet actually say something else in contradiction to my initial thoughts. Also having the desire to say yes about something but saying no instead, and vice-versa.

At one point, during a conversation on world government conspiracy toward the New World Order agenda with fellow travellers from South Africa, one of them said spontaneously with complete confidence,"Did you know that the police know what you are thinking before you have even thought of it". Bewildered, I asked him to repeat what he had said, which he did. He then said, with a completely puzzled look on his face, "I did not even know I knew that. I asked him again what he meant by these statements. Still looking very puzzled, he replied, "I don't know".

I appeared to be having extremely varied emotional responses to the fact I was being so intensely monitored. My responses would swing wildly from nonchalance to fear, to aggression,all within very short spans of time.

Although I experienced these and many other bizarre psychological and emotional irregularities during my stay in Amsterdam, I quite remarkably did not appear to be consciously aware of this obscure phenomena to any great extent. Every time I would try to reason an uncharacteristic thought, emotion or reaction, my mind would suddenly go blank and I would forget what had happened! These spontaneous mental blanks while trying to understand and reason my extreme character changes were also prevalent during my family's stay in Canada.

Finally, on the evening of 13th April 1998, I discovered at long last the reason behind what had been causing all this strange phenomena and character imbalance. This was to be my last night in Amsterdam before moving on with my travels through Europe. The events of this night changed my life for ever.

I spent many hours walking around the quiet streets to try and relax, which was very difficult due to the extremely intense and constant police surveillance I was under. I eventually came to a quiet coffee shop near the hostel where I was staying. I walked in, bought a coffee and sat down.

Within a few minutes I suddenly started to receive a bombardment of telepathically transferred messages from the police. The following is the basic content and sequence of these messages:

That they (the police) were at that moment reading my mind.

That they were doing so by the use of hi-tech computers.

That they were also reading my emotional patterns.

That they knew about my psychological imbalance in Canada.

That the particular man I had recently acquainted on the bus on my way to Amsterdam was in fact one of their Remote Mind Control computer programmers.

This mind-control police agent had posed as a backpacker and told me his name was Alex, (coincidentally?) the same name as my brother. He had also impressed on me emphatically that he was a computer programmer; that he and his associates were presently designing a particular program that was unique, only one of its type in the world; that this program could be totally manipulated by computers from anywhere in the world; and that this program was very soon to reach a final stage of completion.

I now knew that the "program" this mind-control police agent was talking about was in fact, myself and the manipulation of my mind, and the completion stage of this "program" was the telepathic transference of the messages that I had just encountered. These telepathically transferred messages came not in the form of words but in the form of images projected onto the screen of my mind. These were accompanied by a very intense and clear comprehension of the facts as they were being presented to me.

Following this event, I was in complete shock. I knew from this moment on my life could never be the same again. Confused and bewildered, I left the coffee shop and wandered in the quiet streets, trying to piece together and rationalise what I had just experienced. Three questions continually ran through my mind:

How are they (the police) doing this? Why are they doing this? Why was I chosen? I could find no answers. I did however, after some very deep soul searching, realise a number of very important factors, some of which gave me much strength during the following months of coming to terms with my new found knowledge.

Some of these realisations were:
That all the undercover police surveillance I had encountered, dozens of police and "black" helicopter intimidation's over a period of four years throughout many countries, were not for the purpose of monitoring my physical whereabouts or actions. It was solely for the purpose of electronically monitoring my psychological and emotional reactions to the surveillance and intimidation which was being inflicted upon me.

That all my past experiences of highly irregular psychological patterns that I encountered from the time I reached Canada up until my present situation, were not derived from my own mind as I originally believed. They were the responsibility of the negative and dominating mentality of the police intelligence hierarchy, through the technology of their highly advanced computers.

That a number of people whom I had become "acquainted" with in Europe prior to my reaching Amsterdam were in fact British intelligence agents. They had been instructed to "set me up" for a major criminal offence in connection with my MCP- created "insanity" in Canada. This futureplanned "stitch -up" by the police hierarchy could now never happen due to my new awareness of the situation.

That the MCP had the ability to transfer voice patterns from one person to another, bypassing the ears, directly into the mind as I had recently experienced. That the M.C.P. also had the ability to remotely manipulate the mind and behavioral patterns of anyone whom I came into contact with. For example, my South African friend who said, "Did you know that the police know what you are thinking before you have even thought of it?".

That while in Europe prior to and after my arrival in Amsterdam, the MCP had created the several aggressive encounters which I had experienced, by directly manipulating the minds of my "aggressors", to the point of causing conflict. I now realized, within the very core of my being, that I was a police intelligence Remote Mind Control experiment.

My plans to leave Amsterdam the following day had to change. I knew I had to stay in one place for the time being in order to assimilate my new knowledge and situation. This newly-given knowledge was the catalyst for the most traumatic period of my life. I had been terrorized to the point that I was emotionally and mentally devastated. The Police Hierarchy and MCP had pushed me to the edge of the abyss. At one point I felt very close to going over. However, this new knowledge eventually became the catalyst for gaining immense personal inner strength and courage, as well as a deeper understanding of myself, humanity and creation as a whole.

The following weeks were very difficult to get through, partly as I was still under constant 24- hour surveillance, occasionally circled by police helicopters, as well as being bombarded by what I now believe to be microwave radiation. My encounters with these microwave radiation attacks would start very suddenly, my whole body would shake violently and uncontrollably, which made speaking almost impossible. I knew the MCP were responsible for these attacks, but I was bewildered as to how they were achieving this.

One week after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, I was strong enough to start writing a documented journal of my experiences, which I still continue to do. Two weeks after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, the under cover police surveillance gradually became less intense, and I was starting to recover my inner strength. However, I was still being harassed every other day by police helicopter whilst walking around the city.

The usual pattern would be that it would fly very low in large circles above me, then into very small circles, then again in larger circles. These circlings were witnessed by a number of my new friends whom I had acquainted at the travelers' hostel where I was staying in order to regain my strength. Much to my relief microwave radiation attacks had now stopped.

Several weeks after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, I started to come to terms with my situation, getting stronger day by day. I vowed from the bottom of my heart that I would find out exactly who these Mind Control Police were. Which organizations were involved? What technology do they use? Why do they physically and psychologically attack innocent members of society with their Remote Mind Control Weapons? Finally, I vowed to research effective methods of self defense against Psychotronic attacks.

I felt utterly compelled and responsible to research this information, and to let my fellow human beings know that these Mind Control Police do exist and that we can protect ourselves from them. Due to my new responsibilities, I had no choice but to stop traveling the world, find a place to settle and live so I could start researching world government conspiracies and in particular Remote Mind Control
technology and its use against humanity.

For almost three weeks after the 13th April on a nightly basis, the MCP would subject me to a number of programmed dream scenarios while I was sleeping. These dreams were extremely lucid and all of a very negative content relating to their manipulation of me in the past. When I awoke immediately after every dream scenario, I would feel immense fear and guilt. I knew these dreams were not my own, as all my lucid dreams in the past (which were very rare) had a very positive atmosphere and content.

Night after night these imposed lucid dreams were extremely negative in content and were all connected to the MCP's manipulation of me in the past. As soon as I realized exactly what the MCP's intentions were, which was to create an emotional fear and guilt trip in me, I wrote down that fact in my journal. From that night onward the programmed dream scenarios stopped. Not long after this, early one morning while I was contemplating and planning returning to England to research and write, I received a telepathic message from the MCP. It was simple yet direct and to the point. Over and over again one word was imposed repeatedly through my mind: Bullet....Bullet....Bullet....Bullet....Bullet....Bullet....

This was an obvious sign that they did not like what I was thinking, and they were threatening me with assassination. This made no difference to what I had now decided to do. I had fully made up my mind to travel to England, research and expose this highly negative mentality that is covertly manipulating and controlling humanity.

On the 9th May 1998, I sent a copy of my up-to-date journal to my brother, Alex, who lives in Perth, Australia. At this point he had been the only person I had ever told about my experiences of police surveillance since being released from prison. I wanted him to know about my further experiences and recent knowledge of being used as a Remote Mind Control experiment by the police hierarchy. The main reason I sent him a copy was so that he would fully understand my situation in detail, which in turn, could possibly give me some protection from being

assassinated. Ever since the night of 13th April, I have believed that this was and always could be a possibility. As soon as my brother received my journal, he suddenly became afflicted with the same torment as I have encountered over the years. He is now under police surveillance on a daily basis, and is frequently intimidated by police helicopters hovering over him.

At the present time, he is also being constantly attacked with specific psychologically altering frequencies by the Mind Control Police, which he is finding immensely difficult to come to terms with. I know the MCP are targeting my brother because he is a direct witness to the many events of Police Hierarchy intimidation and harassment I have been exposed to in the past.

I fully believe they are trying to push him over the edge of the abyss as they tried to do with me last year. Their intention, if they succeed, is that I will have one less person to verify my experiences, of being terrorized by the police hierarchy.

Recently, other members of my family have also complained about being intensely watched by "strange people", yet they knew nothing at that time whatsoever of myself and my brother being under constant police surveillance. I know that the Police Hierarchy are still trying to instill fear in me (their greatest weapon) by continually harassing my family. However, all that this actually achieves is to make me more determined than ever to expose them.

Two months after my telepathically transferred messages by the MCP, I felt strong enough to travel to England, find a place to live and start researching. I arrived in London on the 21st June 1998, soon settled in Glastonbury, and have since spent much time studying everything I can that is relevant to my past experiences.

In particular, I have analysed various researched information on the Elite World Government's planned agenda toward their New World Order. Also their Secret Police Intelligence Agencies,and their use of Remote Mind Control weaponry, for the purpose of manipulating society towards behavioural control and assassination.

I am also intent on finding out how individuals can protect themselves against attacks from these weapons. In the near future, I intend to publish reports from a number of different researchers findings.

Since I arrived in England, police surveillance on me has dropped immensely. Helicopter intimidation's have been rare, but still continue. I have recently taken a number of photos of "black" helicopters circling above my cottage garden (photo enclosed). My present girlfriend has also been exposed to helicopter harassment's while walking on her own. How "brave" they are in our Brave New World!

The Mind Control Police's direct manipulation of me has eased somewhat since my arrival in England, although I am still psychotronically attacked occasionally by a number of programmed frequencies. One of these frequencies I call the "malevolent force". This is a very negative and vicious energy of malevolence which suddenly courses through my mind and body, and which feels very unsettling. This normally happens when I am socializing and feeling quite joyful, which I have reasoned through past experience is one of the peak times for the MCP to attack.

As soon as this happens I can now quickly recognize that I am being attacked, remain calm and centered, do not react to what I am feeling, and so it eventually dissipates. I have no doubt that my telephone is permanently bugged. When my conversations to friends and family approach engineered events toward the New World Order agenda, the Mind Control Police, "Black" Helicopters, etc., the line will continually click and buzz, and at times cut off dead.

Another obvious but useless attempt by the police hierarchy to intimidate me. There is also a high rate of my mail which goes missing, which I believe is no coincidence.

As like attracts like, I am now acquainted with a number of New World Order agenda conspiracy researcher friends whose phones are also bugged, and are occasionally attacked by remote microwave frequency. A few have also been directly threatened with assassination due to the nature of their work.


I have now gone deep enough into my distant past to realize how I possibly became an MCP experiment in the first place. I believe that I have been remotely monitored and experimented upon for around fifteen years. When I was living in Australia, I traveled around extensively in 1984. I visited Ayers Rock in Alice Springs, which is a very ancient and powerful place in the desert.

Nearby is situated "Pine Gap", Australia's Remote Mind Control center, run by the US National Security Agency. At this time however, I (like the general population) had been fooled into believing it was only a satellite communications center. Curious as I am, I innocently went up to the main gate of the perimeter and asked if I could be admitted to have a look around.

The security guard scowled at me as if to say, "How dare you ask such a question". The answer was an obvious NO! So I went on my way. In light of what I now understand, I believe it to be highly probable that I would have been remote-neural-monitored whilst at the gate. Once locked into their highly advanced Remote Mind Control computer technology, I would be in their "network" for life. One step away from becoming a life-long Remote Mind Control experiment.

It has since been documented that peace activists have contracted various symptoms such as burns, leukemia and fast acting cancers by microwave radiation whilst protesting around the perimeter of "Pine Gap". Ironically, I do have a number of things for which to be "thankful" to the MCP. Highly intelligent as these people are, their egotistical arrogance, by bombarding me telepathically with information pertaining to the fact that I was being used as a Remote Mind Control experiment, has been counter-productive.

If they had not done this, I would be none the wiser that this technology even exists. I would be going through life continually in fear every time I realized that I was under surveillance or being intimidated by police or "black" helicopter.

I would always be totally unaware that I could at any time be mentally and emotionally manipulated into becoming a fully controlled "robot", which they have succeeded in doing in the past. I also could not be emotionally or mentally as strong as I am today due to my surviving the truly traumatic experience of being continually terrorized over many years, also being physically and psychologically abused, then being told telepathically that I am a police hierarchy Remote
Mind Control experiment.

Instead of the Mind Control Police's intention to create more fear in me, their greatest weapon of all, they have in fact achieved the exact opposite. I am stronger and freer now than I have ever been in my whole life. Just for the record: I am a very fit and healthy 43 year old and have full intention to live to a very
ripe old age.

I have no intention whatsoever of; going missing, having a fatal accident, committing suicide or contracting a fast acting microwave radiation induced cancer.

Personal Report Update [17th September 1999]: Under Police Surveillance Yet Again I have not been subjected to under-cover surveillance by the police in over six months. Certainly not the kind that is of the intently obvious, "we are watching you and we want you to know it" type, that I am very used to by now On Friday 17th September at approximately 10.00pm I went to a local social evening in Glastonbury with a friend of mine. The event is a strictly, nosmoking, no-drinking night which always has a very laid-back, friendly, family atmosphere.

Within about 20 minutes I spotted about 6 under-cover police. They stick out like a fish out of water, as most of them appear either very nervous and uncomfortable or cocky and cunning. I have had enough experience to know the "under-surveillance" vibe very well now, and it was obvious to me that I was getting "checked-out" throughout the evening. At about 12.00pm my friend and I left to go home. As we left the building there just happened to be two of the police officers, one walking in front of us and one behind us, and no-one else being around at that time.

A coincidence? I don't think so!! My friend and I walked up a lane into Silver Street where my friend lives. Just before we reached her house we passed two other plain clothes officers who glared straight through me. As I passed I said directly to them, "I know - I know". By this statement I meant, I know who they are, I
know what their game is, I cannot be intimidated by it anymore and they cannot stop what I fully intend to do. Expose them!

My friend and I decided to walk on past her house where after about 5 mins, we stopped by the side of the road. Within a few minutes a large white police van, with no-markings, but with 2 blue lights on top and blacked out side and rear windows, pulled up about 30 metres from us at the end of Bere Lane. A plain-clothed officer in the front passenger seat was staring directly at me as the vehicle sat far about 5 minutes or so, in the middle of the road, then drove off.

18th Sept At approximately 4.30pm I drove to Wells recycling depot. Before I even got out of the car I noticed a man looking very intently at me. He continued to "stare" for about 10 minutes as I went around my business. He then he jumped into a large light-gray van and drove off.

A few minutes after this, I left to go into Wells Trading Company in the center of town. Wells Trading Co. is down a dead end street about 2 miles distance from the recycling depot. At approximately 4.50pm I drove down the street and the same man, sitting in the same van was parked in a side road near Wells Trading Co. By this time I was really pissed-off!

As I drove past the van, the man again glared intently at me. I stopped my car, and as I did so,the van started to slowly drive off toward the main road. I then ran up to the drivers side window and started to try and take photos of the man, but my camera jammed!! As I did this he had a look of panic on his face, before putting his arm up to shield himself from getting his photo taken.

He then accelerated to get away, so I slammed the side window and the side of the van very hard with the flat of my hand for him to stop. He didn't. As he drove up to the main road I ran after the van to try and catch him at the junction but he was too fast, and got away. I then ran back to my car and drove around Wells, trying to find him, to no avail! The man was tall and slim, dark hair, pale complexion, about mid-40's.

The van's registration was E57 MTC.

I then drove back to Wells Trading Co, to do my business. After this at about 6.30 I had arrived to visit a good friend to tell him what had happened. As I drove into Silver Street, Glastonbury, and parked my car, a large dark blue sedan car, pulled out of a nearby carpark and passed me.

The man inside the car glared at me with an angry, frustrated look on his face as he drove past and sped around the corner He was a large man, overweight, grey swept back hair about late-50's. Reg. No K604 MMD The true face of the police hierarchy is finally emerging.................... cowards! I never told anyone that I was going to go to Wells Trading Company or to my friends house. Only I knew, yet 'they' were waiting there before I was! How could this be possible? Remote Neural Monitoring?

Personal Report Update [26th October 1999]:

Undercover Surveillance and Psychotronic Attacks Continue

Since the Project Freedom Network protest at the House of Commons in London on the 19th of October 1999, I returned to Glastonbury. I have since witnessed being under surveillance (of the covert type) as well as experiencing the results of psychotronic attacks. These attacks are very mild in comparison to the numerous attacks I have endured in the past. I believe the Mind Control Police are presently using microwave frequency to irradiate me, the symptoms being, the sudden onset of my whole nervous system feeling irritable with a crawling feeling throughout my body, accompanied by a loud humming and buzzing sound in my ears.

The weak and pathetic bullying mentality of the police hierarchy is continuing to manifest itself to me directly. Their useless attempts of psychotronic attack and harassment only prove to me all the more that the so called "power" that they wield is an absolute illusion. If they truly did have any "real power" they would not find it necessary to continually administer harassment and intimidation techniques, that have no effect whatsoever.

Personal Report Update [3rd December 1999]:

Undercover Surveillance Continues
Since the protest at the House of Commons I am under occasional surveillance, of the covert type, by secret government agents. This is normally while I am out socializing with friends, which is obviously an old surveillance tactic. After my vast experiences of being under covert and overt surveillance for many years it is now very easy for me to detect that I am being watched, by the authorities. The purpose of the surveillance, of course, has no real value other than for the police hierarchy and mind control police to monitor whether or not I am aware of being under surveillance, and also to monitor my reactions to this.

Their pathetic and childish little mind games continue.

During my last encounter with my surveillance 'tails', I approached them to let them know I knew exactly who they were. I also told them I had recently sent a report to every UK MP and 500 organizations worldwide and that I had a website exposing the truth on what is going on behind the scenes. I also told them I have been under surveillance by military and police for many years as well as being irradiated by microwave technology. After I asked them for their ID to prove who they were, they refused and walked away, bewildered at the fact they had been sprung, and let in on a few home truths that their hierarchy would not have told them.

I know the vast majority of the pawns who have been tailing me have not got a clue who I really am. I believe they are extensively lied to by their controlling hierarchy and told that I am a criminal/danger to society, etc, etc. The only danger I am, is to the police and military hierarchy and the agenda of their elite government controllers toward their new world order. They can only keep the status quo by keeping us all imprisoned in a state of ignorance and fear so that they can

Correspondence from ex intelligence whistle blower associate, shortly after Echelon Protest [4th March 2000] regarding a planned "accident."

April 8th 2000 G. ,
Some information concerning the demo recently at NSA, Menwith Hill that may be of some interest to you. It would appear that an 'accident' of sorts was tasked for that occasion. Targeting for that 'accident' would have been either to or from the NSA facility. The chilling bit is that I've been informed that all calls being monitored anyway, they saw the opportunity available to 'kill two birds with one stone' IF I would have been traveling with you to the demo. In other words the targets were US!. A car 'accident' being so very easy to set up, two 'mouthies', to use their term, me and you, would have been shut up if things went to the plan they were hoping for.

All for now, keep safe, all the best

Personal Report Update [15th August 2000]:
My psychiatric reports to obtain a clean bill of mental health and my investigation into the true ethics and morals of the psychiatric 'profession'. Due to my last two encounters with the Freemasonic establishment, firstly at the Glastonbury festival and then at the Big Green Gathering festival, I have decided it is now time to see a member of the psychiatric profession to obtain a clean bill of mental health.

I am now presently consulting with who I believe to be non-freemason psychiatrists for this purpose, explaining in detail my past experiences as well as presenting them with the research exposed on the Project Freedom website.

If I do not get a clean bill of mental health and the Doctor considers me insane or imbalanced, I will request, what 'professional advice' they would suggest to cure me of my 'truth'. Were I to be admitted against my free will to a so-called psychiatric correctional institution, then so be it. It would provide me with the opportunity to further research and understand through direct experiential knowledge what it is like for a sane person to be taken to a mental asylum prison and drugged up with anti-psychotic chemicals. It is widely known in psychiatry circles that the majority of the drugs prescribed cause serious brain damage. As all psychiatrists know, these drugs are totally ineffective in the treatment of mental illness. The main purpose of their prescription being that they make patients docile and controllable, the spirit broken and bendable to even the weakest-willed psychiatric nurse or doctor.

See Green Anarchist No. 60-61, Psychiatry Quackery, by Dr. Robert.
Many innocent people have been through this horrendous experience, because anyone who
claims they are....

1. A target of harassment from Freemasonic forces,
2. A target of intimidation, stalking, surveillance and house break-ins by secret government
3. A target of physical and mental torture by secret government agencies using Remote Neuro- Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons,
4. A target of Freemasonic harassment from military and police aircraft.

.... are "officially" classified as suffering from delusional schizophrenia and can, against their own free will, be taken to a mental asylum correction facility and forcibly injected with mindnumbing drugs to make them 'normal' again.

A perfect example of this is Marina Findlay, who is presently incarcerated in psychiatric hospital to cover up her "FREE MARINA" Campaign. Marina's campaign is exposing the Freemasonic intelligence services who have been torturing Marina for many years via the use of Frequency Weapons.

I have personally experienced all of the above torture and harassment tactics by government agencies over many years, and still do so from time to time. If I do get incarcerated in a mental asylum prison, I will monitor and catalogue all my experiences and eventually expose the facts to the public.

However, I do feel the chances of me being taken against my own free will to a mental hospital prison are virtually nil. I feel very strongly that any open-minded, open-hearted, non-freemason psychiatrist who is willing to do a full and holistic study of the use of Frequency Weapons against innocent members of the public by the intelligence agencies will find me a normal, mentally and emotionally well balanced person.

This report will be updated as more details come to hand. Correspondence to MI5/MI6 and the U.S. National Security Agencies requesting all data pertaining to my police surveillance, harassment and my Neuro-Electromagnetic Torture and Assaults toward behavioral manipulation experiments from July 1997 until June 1998.

Chief Directors
U.S. National Security Agency
Menwith Hill
North Yorks HG3 2RF
24th May 2000

Dear Sirs,
Under section 22 of the 1998 Data Protection Act, I formally request all details of any data qualifying under the Act held by the U.S. National Security Agency. which contain information relating to me. Although I require a general search, you will need to concentrate particularly on your following records: During the period July - August 1997 from the time I arrived in Vancouver, Canada, until I left.

I request all photographic, video and audio evidence which was taken during my surveillance while your organisation and brotherhood agencies were subsequently irradiating me with microwave/ELF frequencies using your classified so-called non-lethal/silent weapons, to disrupt and manipulate my normal mental, emotional and behavioural patterns. More specifically I require all evidence of your intensified irradiation assaults toward mental, emotional and behavioural manipulation experiments on myself, my 7 year old daughter and my father while they were visiting me in the 3 week period during August/September 1997.

You may have a form which you send to those making a Subject Access Request. The Office of the Data Protection Registrar assures me that such forms have no legal status. Therefore, I insist that you act upon this letter. If there is additional relevant (See DPA Guidelines) information you require, please put your questions in a letter. My request also covers all computer hard and soft disks, the Internet, the Web and any other electronic method of recording computer generated files such as tape and CD, image and voice recognition systems together with any non computer recorded and/or generated data - for example, data held on a Document Image Processing System - which can be the subject of the automatic processing of data. In addition, the 1998 Act provides for manual data to be supplied. Please ensure that this is included in your reply.

The data need not be directly held by you or the corporate body of which you are a part. It is enough for you or the corporate body to control the content of the record and/or the use of the data. Thus any qualifying data held by a third party on your behalf comes within the scope of the Act. You must provide me with print-outs of data held by a third party if the data falls within the Act.

The Act allows you forty days in which to comply with my request. You are legally obliged to reply to this letter and legally obliged to give the information sought.

Chief Directors
PO Box 1300
London SE1 1BD
24th May 2000

Dear Sirs,
Under section 22 of the 1998 Data Protection Act, I formally request all details of any data qualifying under the Act held by the U.S. National Security Agency which contain information relating to me. Although I require a general search, you will need to concentrate particularly on your following records: During the period from the time I arrived in Amsterdam, Holland, from April 9th until I left on the 20th June 1998. I request all photographic, video and audio evidence which was taken during my surveillance while your organisation and brotherhood agencies were subsequently irradiating me with microwave/ELF frequencies using your classified so-called nonlethal/ silent weapons, to disrupt and manipulate my normal mental, emotional and behavioural patterns.

More specifically I require all evidence of your intensified irradiation assaults toward mental, emotional and behavioural manipulation experiments on myself, during the 5 day period from April 9th until the evening of April 13th l998.

You may have a form which you send to those making a Subject Access Request. The Office of the Data Protection Registrar assures me that such forms have no legal status. Therefore, I insist that you act upon this letter. If there is additional relevant (See DPA Guidelines) information you require, please put your questions in a letter. My request also covers all computer hard and soft disks, the Internet, the Web and any other electronic method of recording computer generated files such as tape and CD, image and voice recognition systems together with any non computer recorded and/or generated data - for example, data held on a Document Image Processing System - which can be the subject of the automatic processing of data. In addition, the 1998 Act provides for manual data to be supplied. Please ensure that this is included in your reply.

The data need not be directly held by you or the corporate body of which you are a part. It is enough for you or the corporate body to control the content of the record and/or the use of the data. Thus any qualifying data held by a third party on your behalf comes within the scope of the Act. You must provide me with printouts of data held by a third party if the data falls within the Act.

The Act allows you forty days in which to comply with my request. You are legally obliged to reply to this letter and legally obliged to give the information sought. Deleting or destroying data after receipt of this letter will not absolve you from your obligation to provide me with details of the deleted or destroyed files. Indeed, such action would constitute an offence if it is done for the purpose of denying me information about data held by you at the time of my request.

Yours sincerely
G. Farquhar Project Freedom
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