Monday, April 21, 2008

Was The Collapse Of Bear Stearns Deliberate? Were The Number Of Put Options Higher Than Usual In The Weeks Leading Up The Brokerage's Collapse?

"As for the news media and journalistic truths, there's no longer any profit in writing such truthful exposes about US Government corruption; as a matter of fact, writing such telling articles is the quickest way to the unemployment line -- or worse, the graveyard."

There is little question that with the sudden collapse of the nation's fifth largest brokerage house, the Federal Reserve Bank was able to further consolidate its nefarious hold on the American people and their economy, now wielding nearly sacrosanct authority over the US financial industry. Moreover, the FED had attempted to organize a buyout of Bear Stearns' stock by J.P. Morgan, for a mere $2 a share; something it did not succeed in doing and is to this day probably still smarting over.

The real question is was the Bear Stearns' collapse a carefully engineered black op in which to defraud investors out of billions?

Furthermore, has anyone bothered to research Bear Stearns' stock in the weeks just prior to its collapse to see if the stock was being shorted by those who may have had inside knowledge of its financial woes? For those who are unfamiliar with stock market terminology, shorting a stock refers to taking out options on the stock which assume that over a set period of time it will lose value.

Shortly before the attacks on 9-11, there were several people who shorted stock in some of the *airlines which were involved in the 9-11 attacks, and made a significant profit in the process.

*Given that there are serious reservations as to whether or not the airliners in question were actually used in these attacks (there is compelling circumstantial evidence showing that these jets may have in fact been rerouted to destinations unknown, while other types of stealth aircraft were actually used in these attacks), it is entirely possible that the stocks of these airlines were devalued erroneously -- since it's likely that they never actually suffered from the actual loss of these aircraft.

In particular I cite Flight 93, which was alleged to have crashed over Shanksville, Pennsylvania, yet was reported to have landed at Cleveland Airport shortly after it was alleged to have crashed.

Did a similar shorting of stock occur with Bear Stearns?

Two other articles relating to the possible conspiracy in which to manipulate Bear Stearns' stock price to make it an easy takeover target:

"When you are dealing with a government that illegally spies on you by way of satellite for years on end, and then attempts to justify such outrageous violations of its own rule of law, it is only a matter of time before said government experiences a total and necessary collapse."
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