Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Serious Consideration Regarding The US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex's Use Of HAARP & Satellites To Remotely Affect The Human Mind

If in fact the total control of one's mind by remote means is currently possible at the flick of a switch (only those behind this technology know this for certain), then regardless of what knowledge we have in reference to this mind control technology, we will eventually find ourselves being subjugated to an unwitting life of 100% mind control, while being used for whatever purposes those deploying this technology have in store for us -- putting their intentions ahead of our own.

No person will ever again be able to establish real bonds of kinship with another, because such relationships will be electronically monitored (many such relationships are already being monitored in this way) by way of those governments operating satellite surveillance systems (The NSA's Echelon satellite spy system is of particular concern here). Thus no person's thoughts will be private. And they will be subjected to the manipulation of their own thoughts whenever the controllers of this technology deem it necessary.

A "Stepford" society if you will, in which on the surface all seems normal as people go about their daily activities, while never realizing that they are living in a fishbowl-like environment in which they are seen by their electronic captors as little more than slaves. (With the extensive satellite spying of agencies like the NSA and FBI, and their use of electronic brain link technology to remote neurally monitor the minds of myriad U.S. citizens, American society has already become unwittingly adapted to this Orwellian nightmare.)
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