Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Day -- And More Federally Orchestrated Harassment

Earlier today while I was in the process of working on a project, my reading glasses suddenly went missing and have not been found since. Now people are always misplacing their reading glasses, and it is possible that I did just that.

However, given the daily gaslighting that I am exposed to, as well as the short term memory interference which I deal with constantly - a combination of mind control as well as chronic Lyme Disease, it is quite possible that the FEDS or their provocateurs were in someway responsible for the missing glasses.

Their *psywarfare campaign through the E-mail venue continues, along with certain so called "do gooders," who in reality are a complete fraud, and the antithesis of what they "preach." The truth of the matter is that in many instances these so called do gooders are in fact taking part in such "filth of mind" tactics as psychological warfare, in efforts to drive others to suicide, yet they complain of being subjected to the same heinous crimes. These people, regardless of their masquerade are equally as "hideous" as those whom they claim to expose.

* Also see the psychological operations used by US Intelligence and the Bush Administration to demonize Iran with the rest of the world, because Iran refuses to acquiece to the dictates and global fraud of US Imperialism and the New World Order.


As for the glasses, I have searched everywhere for them, including going through the hefty bags just in case they got included with today's sanitation -- and nothing. So it looks like I will now have to purchase another pair of glasses -- yet another expense which the FEDS will be pleased about given their campaign to destroy what's left of my finances.

Moreover, the loss of the glasses makes Internet surfing more troublesome, as well as journaling about this depraved harassment. In addition to the aforementioned, the NSA is also continuing to interfere with my computer and Internet access -- repeatedly bringing up an error message, which then forces me to log off, before I can access the Web again. This is just to add further aggravation to an already extremely annoying situation.

Once again, there is no longer any rule of law in what is occurring in this federally orchestrated criminal fiasco, in which the NSA, FBI, DHS and their provocateurs continue to demonstrate their primary function as covert terrorist, mind rapist, and subverter of the US Constitutional rule of law.

Why aren't more Americans investigating these agencies, since it is clear that they are responsible for the complete decimation of the Bill Of Rights? - a situation made far worse in the present, by the abjectly lawless Bush Administration.

For those citizens who believe themselves to be immune from such Orwellian harassment, the truth is that no one is safe from these attacks. And if you care to learn this for yourself, just try speaking out against the Bush Administration's so called war on terror, the Federal Reserve Bank/IRS/US Congress fraud, or myriad other crimes committed by this government which it continues to conceal from the American people, and you will begin to understand that your concept of freedom in this country is a complete illusion.

None of you are free. You just think you are. I say this as my thoughts are picked up by the NSA and analyzed by their Nazi staff of cryptologists. Anyone who has figured out what's really going on in this country is just looking to survive long enough to promulgate their own experiences with the Nazi shadow government, in the hope that it will eventually be overthrown.

Presently, that is all anyone can do.

I don't envy today's youth, because if the situation does not change soon, somewhere down the road they are going to be inheriting this robotised nightmare of a government.
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