Sunday, March 02, 2008

Read about how the NSA violates the rights of the average American citizen everyday without their ever realizing that it's being done. Every human being has a unique bio electromagnetic field which surrounds their body. And while the field itself is benign, it does make the person vulnerable to remote intrusion by government operatives within agencies like the NSA, who exploit this EMF field for their own EVIL purposes.

Intel agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA, and even Homeland Security have a credo -- what they do is never illegal as long as they don't get caught -- including tracking the EMF field around your body and even watching you within the privacy of your own home; even though these federal agents are well aware that such activity is criminal and in complete violation of your 4TH Amendment right.

The question you should be asking yourself:

Is my EMF field being tapped into by the NSA for the purpose of illegally spying on me without my knowledge or consent? And am I being unwittingly used for non consensual human experimentation?

Learn more about the NSA's satellite based Electronic Brain Link technology and how it affects you and your loved ones at the following Website:

*And the next time the government tells you that it can't make ends meet, ask them what happened to the 3.4 trillion dollars which they can't account for between 2003 and 2004. And while your at it, see the late Aaron Russo's brilliant expose of the US Congress fraud -- two organizations which we call the Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service; two organizations that are not part of the US Federal Government; two organizations that are operating both illegally and unconstitutionally.

And the US Congress is responsible for allowing the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank to steal billions of dollars from the American taxpayer each year; something which has been occurring since the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act and 16TH Amendment in 1913. CONgress has committed treason in allowing for this atrocity which you are paying for out of your own pocket each year.

However, please don't take my word for it, since the late Aaron Russo (pictured above) does a far more articulate job of doing so in "America: From Freedom To Fascism."

See America From Freedom To Fascism Here:
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