Monday, March 03, 2008

The FBI At 100 -- That Should Read 100 Years Of Misery For The Victims Of FBI Oppression

Given that 2008 is the FBI's centennial year in existence, there will undoubtedly be much media hype made over the Agency's illustrious career as crime fighter and protector of American freedoms. Of course, this portrayal of the FBI will be a complete an utter hoax on the American people and the rest of the citizens of this planet, since the FBI's rampant history of oppression will be virtually ignored, while those who are tortured, driven to suicide, and out rightly murdered by FBI agents (while perpetrating their unending COINTELPRO operations) will be completely overshadowed.

On March 4TH, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) will begin this latest piece of black propaganda, as the celebration of one of the most dastardly organizations ever to exist, takes place in an historical context which has been mostly fabricated. Instead of being recognized as the secret police force which it has always been and continues to be -- a Nazi idealized organization from its inception -- the FBI will be seen as the protector of American -- an abject lie.

In reality, the FBI must in most respects be considered far more EVIL than those whom it has laid claim to having prosecuted during its long and treasonous history; an organization which must be abolished for the benefit of the American people and our Constitutional Republic.

The true history of the FBI and its treasonous and murderous nature:
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