Monday, March 03, 2008

Black & White & Black & White & On & On This Insanity Goes/FBI, NSA & DHS Are You Happy With These Monsters Of Your Own Creation?

The organized stalkers are again using the black and white theme by alternating these two different colored vehicles in front of my home, as part of their organized stalking vehicular procession.

However, the only situation here which remains black and white is the abjectly criminal way in which these male and female reprobates are behaving, as through their overt acts of vigilantism, they rape the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

Degenerate fools each and everyone; they belong in padded cells, not automobiles.

Their insane behavior continues unabated, as the FEDS utilize them as nothing more than pawns on a chessboard. Ill equipped to understand the new depths of inhumanity to which they have now plumbed, those who perpetrate the crimes of organized stalking are indeed being used to do the dirty work of those within US Intelligence; those who are nefarious and deceitful enough to have managed to carry off such a national deception, in which the public itself has become yet another victim.
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