Friday, March 28, 2008

Another TI Documents How His Activism Is Being Constantly Sabotaged By Those Who Perpetrate The Crime Of Organized Stalking Against Him

The following was posted by the leader of the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Group -- Mr. Derrick Robinson. What Derrick mentions in his post is commonly experienced by most individuals targeted for the crime of organized stalking. In particular the use of psychological warfare (psychological operations or psyops for short) against those being targeted for these depraved crimes, in efforts to drive them to commit suicide. And the better known the TI's activism against such crimes as government sanctioned mind control research and organized stalking becomes, the more aggressively they are attacked, as is evidenced by the following comments:


"This week the stalkers have become increasingly agitated concerning my nightly wiping of the forbidden conference room table on the second floor. Some things the stalkers have caused to occur this week include:

Locking me out of the conference call on Tuesday night. I tried several times dialing the correct number and using the correct access code and could not enter the room.

Tampering with our business cards that we ordered. We re-ordered a set of business cards from last week. Last week one of the colors on a few lines was different than I had designed, although it was still acceptable. This week, several fields were omitted from the card - ones that say Phone, fax, email and website. All the numbers are there, but there's no title for people to know which is which. The confusion may arise as to the two phone numbers as people may or may not know one is the phone and the other the fax.

When I got home tonight, I see that the email for the newsletter I started had been deleted from my computer. So I had to start the newsletter over."

Such attacks are an illustration of the diseased society in which Americans are now living. A society in which an ersatz and diseased government has allowed for the complete dismantling of our Constitutional Republic, while citizens are stalked and psychologically harassed to the point of committing suicide or striking out against those who perpetrate these crimes against them. A cold war is now in effect between those who are being targeted for these Orwellian crimes, and those miscreants who are both orchestrating and perpetrating them.

A government which abuses its authority by utilizing satellites to watch American citizens within the privacy of their own homes, while using supercomputers to remotely read their sub vocalized thoughts is a government that will eventually be dissolved.

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