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Another Indication That The FBI's Infrastructure Is Quietly Crumbling Amidst An Internal Mutiny

Corruption Within The FBI

Is Gradually Destroying The Organization

While most of America is familiar with former FBI special agent Sibel Edmonds' accounts of complicity by the FBI, in efforts to block legitimate terrorist investigations prior to the attacks on 9-11, not many have heard of FBI agent Robert Wright.

Wright is an FBI whistle blower who prior to the attacks on 9-11, warned that American citizens would be murdered as a result of terrorists who were living within the United States. What Wright did not cite was the Bush Administration's use of the FBI's hierarchy in which to block these investigations.

He has since written a tell all book in regard to the FBI's complicity in the attacks on 9-11, through the deliberate blocking of said investigations.

However, the FBI has prevented special agent Wright from being able to publish this book. One must now wonder what Wright's life must be like if he is still working for the FBI.

Unlike Sibel Edmonds, he was not initially fired for his whistle blowing activities. Yet, if he is still employed by the FBI, one must wonder if he has not been blackballed for his candor, as former NSA agent *Russell Tice was when attempting to expose significant criminality within America's top spy agency.

NSA Whistle Blowers Treated As Flunkies - Demoralized

When interviewed by DemocracyNow!'s Amy Goodman back in 2006, Russell Tice reported that rather than firing those NSA agents who were unhappy with certain criminal goings on within the spy agency, that these agents were relegated to a room in which they spent their entire days doing nothing but sitting around being demoralized -- having lost their security clearances.

In other words any NSA agent with a conscience who speaks out against the NSA's Orwellian activities is kept on a short leash (at the taxpayer's expense) while being psychologically abused by their superiors at the NSA.

This while the agency continues to perpetrate its crimes against Americans, which include spying domestically and using American citizens for non consensual human experimentation.

Given this, is it any wonder why the FBI and NSA are illegally satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring so many Americans without their knowledge or consent?

Moreover, another textbook illustration of this injustice is in how former FBI agent Lindley Devecchio managed to skate after being charged with complicity in five counts of murder. The terrible irony here is that Devecchio was most likely involved in using some of his former FBI associates to intimidate legitimate witnesses into dropping their testimony. Of note here is that the star witness against him suddenly changed her testimony at the last minute, which resulted in Devecchio's being able to avoid a trial.

Could the attempted murder of Angela Clemente (the woman who brought Devecchio's criminal background to the attention of Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes who then decided to indict him) have been the incentive for having Hynes' star witness against Devecchio suddenly recant her testimony just as Devecchio's trial was to take place?

Last year, after Hynes had reviewed the FBI's internal investigation which found Devecchio innocent of any criminal wrongdoing, he was quoted as saying that the official FBI investigation into Devecchio was "the most stunning example of official corruption that I have ever seen." It was then that Hynes filed state murder charges against him, in the hope of prosecuting the former FBI agent.

Another article which describes how Angela Clemente was setup for an attempted murder, by what was likely one of Devecchio's cronies.

  • Is The FBI Trying To Murder Angela Devecchio?

  • It would seem that if you are by nature a criminal, you will go far at the FBI. However, if you joined the Bureau to perform legitimate police work, you are likely to find yourself in a similar position to that of whistle blowers like Robert Wright, Sibel Edmonds, and a host of other agents who have learned the hard way, that there is nothing about the FBI's protocols which support truth, justice and the American way of life.

    The FBI is the antithesis of such virtues. It is instead the most illustrative form of an ancient concept known as "The Hidden Evil" -- an organization which on the surface purports to serve the public good, but in reality uses authoritarianism to oppress public dissent through the use of covert terrorism.

    For example, the FBI will enforce the income tax non law in this country, even though there is irrefutable proof that this law was passed illegally and that refusing to file a 1040 income tax statement is not illegal. However, the IRS and FBI have used this non law as a means in which to arrest and imprison thousands of "innocent" Americans over the years, while "stealing" their homes and other assets. Tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown are perhaps the best known victims of the federal income tax "non law."

    In reality, all Americans who work for a living and pay a tax on their wages are lesser known victims of the income tax "non law."

    Like it or not, the truth of the matter is that throughout the FBI's 100 year existence, it has murdered a great number of Americans in its quest to maintain the corrupted US status quo. And unless this agency is abolished it will continue to use covert Nazi protocols which include psychological warfare, to both torture and murder American citizens who in one way or another challenge the US status quo. There are many of us who are presently being tortured in such ways, as the FBI continues to search for a plausible way in which to murder us. However, having gone forward with this information, the FBI now finds it more difficult to carry out these murders, given that it will be the main suspect, should those of us who've cited the FBI as the likely perpetrator in these attacks against our persons, suddenly turn up dead.

    However, since our allegations against the FBI and oftentimes other US Intel agencies (NSA, CIA & DHS as well) have surfaced, the Bureau's standby for such unexpected occurrences is to label us as being crazy, when making certain that the media is used to circulate just the information which the FEDS promulgate while leaving out factual and exculpatory information which will of benefit to those being attacked by them.

    However, the Internet has turned out to be a venue in which our information can be circulated while completely bypassing the US media system's disinformation campaign against us.

    Consequently, it would now appear that it's the FBI and its felonious brethren agencies which include but are not limited to the NSA and DHS, who are now finding themselves under the spotlight. A spotlight which appears to be growing in intensity with each passing day, as their precedent setting violations of the US Constitution continue to be promulgated. A fitting expose, given the mind raping crimes which these degenerate psychopaths continue to perpetrate on so many of us, while making certain that we are denied our Constitutional right to defend ourselves through the use of due process of law.

    And while the accounts of many civilians are impressive enough, when one reads of those of former agents from agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA, and how these agents report being subjected to a combination of directed energy assaults as well as organized stalking attacks (in efforts to murder them), it becomes clear that are running the U.S. Federal Government -- regardless of how implausible this may at first seem.

    Most federal agents are conditioned to perpetrate serious crimes, and then to pathologically deceive the public into believing that their agencies are there to protect them.

    However, the agents who became whistle blowers while attempting to report this subversion, must certainly understand that this Nazi influence has pervaded the entire U.S. Intelligence community, since they risked their own employment, and suffered the loss of their reputations and relationships, in order to expose this subversion of the U.S. Federal Government.

    In this author's opinion such a blatant deception of the American people will eventually result in the dissolution of the entire U.S. Intel community -- most of which found its genesis in Nazi war criminals who should have been executed at Nuremberg, but were instead smuggled into this United States in the late 1940's, by Nazi sympathizers like the Rockefellers and Bushes, to become the backbone of agencies like the CIA and NSA.

    Americans have been deceived into believing that these Nazis - who were either directly or indirectly responsible for the murders of millions of Jews during the German Holocaust - are the protectors of the American people, when they are in fact a cancer on us.

    Moreover, many of us are now being tortured within our own homes by way of classified electronic warfare technology which they've played a role in developing over the past sixty years.

    However, if you tell the average American citizen this fact, they will label you as being a conspiracy theorist or a nut job. However, the CIA's Operation Paperclip did exist and was responsible for the creation of the Nazi shadow government which exists within the United States in the present day.

    A government which has completely subverted our Constitutional Republic to the point where the United States Bill of Rights has been all but eradicated from America, and with it the freedoms that this document guarenteed all American citizens.

    - James F. Marino

    By Jeff Johnson Congressional Bureau Chief
    May 30, 2002

    Editor's note: Corrects length of investigation to four years rather than ten.

    Capitol Hill ( - In a memorandum written 91 days before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, an FBI agent warned that Americans would die as a result of the bureau's failure to adequately pursue investigations of terrorists living in the country.

    FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, Jr., who wrote the memo, led a four-year investigation into terrorist money laundering in the United States.

    Wright began crying as he concluded his remarks at a Washington press conference Thursday.

    "To the families and victims of September 11Th - on behalf of [FBI Special Agents] John Vincent, Barry Carmody, and myself - we're sorry," Wright said before walking out of the room. Vincent and Carmody have also expressed a desire to expose information regarding alleged FBI missteps prior to Sept. 11.

    See the rest of the article here:

    Also another article in which Devecchio's FBI associates claim to have been shocked by his association with mobster Anthony Scarpa:
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