Thursday, March 06, 2008

Actor Patrick Swayze Stars In Role As A Rogue FBI Agent In A&E's "The Beast"

In an upcoming TV pilot veteran actor Patrick Swayze plays the role of a rogue FBI agent being investigated by an internal affairs cell. (This sounds somewhat similar to the plot regarding the 1989 Michael Douglas thriller "Black Rain" in which Douglas plays a New York City vice cop being investigated by Internal Affairs division, as he travels to Japan to do battle with some members of the Yakuza.)

The program, appropriately named "The Beast" is in regard to the "unorthodox" (illegal?) ways in which Swayze's character operates. However, while there appears to be a good chance that this pilot will be turned into a series, Swayze himself is in the midst of battling a very deadly form of cancer (pancreatic) in which only five percent of those afflicted with it survive more than five years. Hopefully, Patrick will be one of the lucky ones.

The Constitution Raping FBI

Of nearly equal concern is how the FBI will be portrayed in this program. In all likelihood, anything damaging to the Bureau will be conveniently omitted, and it will instead be painted as a bit of a flaky yet benign organization -- exactly the opposite of what the FBI really is. If this is indeed the case, then "The Beast" will likely be yet another illustration of how the US media industry is used to disinform the public in regard to the true nature of certain government agencies.

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