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Would US Federal Agencies Like The National Institutes Of Health & Centers For Disease Control Act To Obfuscate The Genesis Of Bioweapons?

To know the answer to this, one need only read a monograph entitled "The Brucellosis Triangle." The answer to the aforementioned question is a resounding yes. The NIH and CDC regularly obscure from the public eye, any information regarding the genesis of biological weapons such as Lyme Disease. Since the mid 1970's when Lyme Disease was first recognized as a serious bacterial infection, the NIH and CDC have deliberately underreported the number of annual cases of Lyme, and through their own disinformation campaign helped to make it a pandemic. The government scientists who head these agencies are also well aware that the underlying foundation for Lyme Disease and many other biological agents is a bacterium known as Brucellosis.

The following are some passages from Dr. Donald Scott's monograph "The Brucellosis Triangle."

"Just what were the links between the NIH and Brucellosis? During World War Two, Canda, Great Britain and the United States entered into a secret compact to develop and test chemical and biological weapons. In essence, the United States was to do the major developmental work at Fort Detrick and Britain was to do its part at their chemical, biological and radiological research station in Porton Down. Canada was, among other things, to supply the necessary 'wide open spaces' needed for testing certain pathogens, which they did with the creation of the 'Experimental Station Suffield' in Alberta. The approval of the Canadian Government to use Suffield as a biological weapons test site came on August 26, 1941. In addition Canada that year established a plant to manufacture anthrax at Grosse Ile, Quebec. It was all part of the top secret Canadian biowar activities that started in 1939 and continues to this day."

"When the President (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) gave his approval in 1942 to develop biological weapons, Camp Detrick was selected as the site where the major part of the work was to be done. The Camp in Frederick, Maryland had been named after Major Frederick L. Detrick who ironically enough, combined in his person U.S. Military medicine and the ubiquitious Rockefeller name for he had graduated from the Rockefeller Institute in medicine and had joined the U.S. Army in 1918. Under the command of General Porter there were soon several hundred scientists working in Camp Detrick to create pathogens which would be sufficiently invasive and contagious between human targets that they could be used to sicken and /or kill 'the enemy.'"

"By the end of 1944 General Porter led a formidable organization. Camp Detrick had perfected techniques -- actual pilot plants -- for the mass production of anthrax and botulinus toxin and was branching out into the study of offensive potential glanders, brucellosis, cholera, dysentry...."

"Thus, beginning in 1943 the northwest corner of the Brucellosis triangle was put firmly in place. Scientists at Camp Detrick were trying to take the disease called Brucellosis with its protean range of symptoms and have it jump species to humans so that the United States Military (and its Allies as fate or political expedience decreed from time to time) would have an offensive weapon which would disable selected human targets."

-- From "The Brucellosis Triangle" By Dr. Don Scott

There have been myriad biological agents created from Brucellosis, not the least of which is Lyme Disease. The most common trait of these illnesses is that they all without exception, manifest themselves in the way of neurodegenerative and systemic degenerative damage to the human body.

Here is a list of some of the biological weapons which have been responsible for the covert murders of millions of Americans; bioagents which continue to adversely affect the health and lives of myriad citizens around this planet in the present day. Given the NIH and CDCs' brainwashing of the public through the US Media disinformation system, most if not all of you probably thought that these illnesses found their origins naturally.

They did not:

Alzheimer's Disease

Bi-Polar Depression

Crohn's Colitis; Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFIDS)


Diabetes Type One -- Insulin Dependent)



Huntington's Disease


Lyme Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Parkinson's Disease


Of course the US Federal Government will never to admit to such a scandal, given the import of how many people have been tortured and ultimately murdered as a result of these bioweapons, while government agencies like the NIH and CDC have been used to circulate disinformation in regard to the origins of these illlnesses, utilizing the US media in which to do so.

Around 1999/2000, I read the Brucellosis Triangle and suggested to those who subscribed to a Lyme Disease mailing list which I sent out (which had roughly 1000 subscribers), that they read the Brucellosis Triangle for themselves, to learn that the illness (Lyme Disease) which had destroyed their health was created by their own government.

It was not long after I did this mailing that I began to experience a subtle yet noticable pattern regarding the automobile traffic which surrounded my vehicle. (I had no idea what a vehicular surveillance team was nor how they operated at the time -- now eight years later, and a veteran of being stalked in such ways, I do.) For example, I would travel to the beach to have lunch during the middle of the afternoon, and within a matter of minutes there would be several vehicles which would show up within the span of five or so minutes, and stay parked until I would leave the beach parking lot. At first I didn't pay much attention to this, however after a while I began to notice that this "pattern" had become constant.

In 2003, this subtle pattern evolved into full time organized stalking harassment which has continued ever since. While I had been illegally spied upon by the FEDS for decades and used for non consensual human experimentation, they had obviously decided that my circulating of such damaging information would not be tolerated. However, it is this government's inherent disregard for the safety of its own citizens which will not be tolerated.

The readers can purchase the Brucellosis Triangle at the following Website. Learn about how your own government took part in the creation of a myriad of biological agents which it then turned loose on society just to determine how effective these weapons would be. Many of us have lost our health as a result of this, so it should be no wonder why we want to alert the rest of the US population about this government scandal.

The Brucellosis Triangle By Dr. Donald Scott can be purchased here:

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