Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Prime Example Of Why Those Within The US Media Refuse To Publicly Acknowledge 9-11 As An Inside Job -- It's Because They'd Like To Keep Their Jobs

Rosie O'Donnell has never had a problem with speaking her mind, but up until the time that she began asking some unpopular questions in regard to the attacks on 9-11, her opinions never kept her from earning a lucrative living. That all ended the day that she decided to bring up this contentious issue on the popular morning TV program "The View."

Rosie has now been all but blackballed from the broadcast industry as punishment for siding with "9-11 Truthers" who are promulgating a mountain of circumstantial information which shows that 9-11 was a false flag operation, perpetrated by a core group within the US Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex, that have profitted heavily since the attacks on 9-11.

9-11 was a coup d'etat, just as the JFK assassination was a coup d'etat. Black operations.

And O'Donnell, should compare notes with other media pariahs like Dan Rather, who was also all but blackballed from the broadcast industry after doing an accurate news story on George W. Bush's being AWOL during his time in the National Guard. After that, Rather, a prominent TV newscaster for decades, saw his star plummet faster than Wall Street on "Black Monday."

America has truly become the land of lies. A totally corrupted Congress which serves the needs of the wealthy corporatists at the expense of the hard working and self sacrifing Proletariat. And an Intelligence community so perverted that its agents now set new lows in their degeneracy, spying on Americans within the privacy of their own homes, while raping their bodies and minds with satellite based directed energy weapons technology.

See more on Rosie's situation here. Whether you care for her type of humor or not, she did not deserve to be blackballed from broadcasting because she exercized her 1ST Amendment Right to freedom of speech.
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