Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Once Again FBI Is Complicit In Aiding And Abetting Terrorism/A Government Whistleblower Describes Yet Another Episode Of Obstruction Of Justice

For those who are unfamiliar with Dr. Janet Parker, she's an FBI whistle blower who was once an informant of the late FBI agent John O'Neill. Shortly after 9-11, Dr. Parker took to the US airwaves to describe how the FBI deliberately removed special agent O'Neill from his investigation into a money trail which would turn out to help finance the attacks on 9-11. John O'Neill was murdered when the World Trade Center Towers were imploded in the terrorist attacks which took place on 9-11. Dr. Parker was immediately attacked by the FBI, who sought to discredit her defense of John O'Neill by stating that she was mentally unstable. (Standard operating procedure for the FBI when they are trying to cover up their own treasonous criminality.)

However, Dr. Parker's sanity was just fine. It was the FBI's which was at the time and still remains in question. It would also appear that since Dr. Parker went public in regard to the FBI's malfeasance, that she has now been targeted for their psychopathic COINTELPRO attacks. It is also quite clear from the following article, that she has as much disdain for this Nazi driven and disgusting organization as the rest of those who are being illegally targeted by it do.


By Dr. Janet Parker

On June 4, 2005 Joe Webber, a 30-year veteran of US federal law enforcement, claimed publicly on Dateline NBC that the FBI halted a key US Customs investigation into terrorist funding by Operation Green Quest. On Dateline’s television program titled “Have 'turf battles' impeded U.S. war on terror?” Joe Webber says the government sat on important information about suspected terrorist activity on U.S. soil. He's so outraged, he says, he's willing to risk his career by going public. Perhaps we should start listening to our governmental whistle blowers.

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Also another post in regard to immigration agent Joe Webber, who seems to have as much of an intense dislike for the FBI as many of its COINTEPRO targets do.

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