Monday, February 25, 2008

Mr. John F. -- Your E-mails Are Being Deleted/Are You A Luvaduck Loser John?

As I mentioned a few days ago, your E-mails are redundant and loaded with various triggers (whether you are aware of this or not). So they are now all being deleted, as was the one which you sent a short while ago. Sending these E-mails to my person for the express purpose of aiding and abetting the felonious crimes of the FBI, NSA and DHS will not be tolerated. If you wish to continue sending them, feel free to do so. However each and everyone will be deleted. I also no longer bother to read the subject headings, since the FEDS have now seized on an opportunity to exploit this aspect of the E-mails as well. By avoiding the E-mail headache, I shut down yet another illicit aspect of the FEDS' psyops.

Best of luck to you in your continued efforts to end the Silent Holocaust. However, please be aware that your Euro group is heavily infiltrated with agents provocateurs looking to hamper your efforts. And from what I have witnessed they are succeeding in doing so. Like a number of other TI's, you may be better off going your own way where you won't be hampered by such infiltration. I know that you have many decent TI's within your group, however you appear to have just as many who are not.


* A note to the readers: Mr. John F. and one of his colleagues continue to send E-mails to my account as part of the FBI/NSA/DHS psywarfare campaign being waged against my person. As such, both must now be considered as perpetrators of the very crimes which they claim to be exposing, including that of the use of mind control tactics against others. These two are a prime example of federal infiltration within groups which were at least on the surface created to offer comfort to individuals targeted for the crimes of mind control and organized stalking. However, one must now wonder if many of these groups were not covertly created by the FEDS to act as a magnet in which to attract legitimate TI's, in efforts to identify them for possible later murder.

I cite a similar situation in which a former FBI agent by the name of Theodore (Ted) Gunderson has built a reputation for helping victims of mind control and other forms of abuse, yet who many insiders believe is a CIA asset being used to round up the names of victims of such mind control abuse (AKA MKULTRA) so that the CIA can later covertly murder these victims. (I should state though that this information regarding Mr. Gunderson has never been proven to be a fact.) If some of the mind control groups are indeed being used in a similar way, it is then highly recommended that those legitimate TI's who are joining these groups in an effort to gain support from others in a similar predicament, either refrain from attending these groups, or remain extremely careful about what personal information they supply them with -- since this information may later be used to harm them.

TI's who regularly read through this Website (and there are many who do) know the groups to which I am referring, and in this case to a European group which claims to offer help to mind control victims, yet which clearly discriminates, helping some, while attacking others in the same ways in which other perpetrators of these crimes do. There can be no doubt that this group is infiltrated by federal agencies of both the US Intelligence community, as well as federal agencies from Europe. As such, its use in which to help victims of such crimes remains dubious.

Their concern for TI's appears to be tantamount to that of an Australian poultry chain called Luvaduck, which actually slaughters helpless ducks for human consumption. As one can see from their Website, Luvaduck is a complete misnomer. Are TI's being led to such a slaughter by groups like this European one which claims to want to help them?

Luvaduck -- a misnomer for some who slaughter them. Are some of these TI groups guilty of the same hypocrisy when it comes to the mind control targets whom they claim to be helping?
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