Sunday, February 24, 2008

IRS Special Agent Comes Forward To Say That The Income Tax Is Voluntary -- Technically, The Income Tax Is Unconstitutional & Congress Knows This

Why did C-Span refuse to cover this 2000 symposium on the US Income Tax? Was C-Span co-opted into ignoring it because of the stir which tax protesters have been creating throughout America, in regard to the illegal operations of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS? And moreover, that the US Congress is complicit in the unconstitutional creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, through the improperly ratified 16TH Amendment. An Amendment which the Supreme Court has already ruled imposed no new powers of taxation on the US Congress. How much longer can the Congress deny its own collusion with the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS to defraud millions of Americans out of trillions of dollars of their own money?
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