Sunday, February 24, 2008

Indiana Mind Control Target Matt Beal Still Alive However Suffering Terribly/Matt's Accounts Are Typical Of How The Lives Of TI's Are Slowly Destroyed

In my travels over the Web I noticed that a TI from Indiana (by the name of Matt Beal), who left a very upsetting post several months ago regarding the extreme harassment he was experiencing (which included frequent poisonings of his food), was back posting again.

Like an increasing number of Americans being targeted for government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, Matt has also corroborated much of the information within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, including what it is like to be "brain tapped" by a supercomputer which is capable of knowing what he is thinking, while seeing what he sees through his own eyes. And while a relative few people have come forward to document such Orwellian crimes against their own persons, there are undoubtedly at the very least, millions of Americans who are being "brain tapped" in such ways without realizing it.

Unfortunately, the mind control and organized stalking harassment that Matt has reported against his person in the past, has only grown worse since his last post during the summer months of 2007. His Website is listed below. Like Mark Rich (whom I wrote about earlier this week), Matt has done an excellent job of documenting the type of government sanctioned mind control crimes which so many of us have been subjugated to for years.

A Brusselsprout (in memory of the late and wonderful investigative journalist Mae Brussell), Matt continues to journal about what is turning out to be the complete breakdown of the Constitutional rule of law within the United States - one in which US Intel agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS continue to both sanction and perpetrate Orwellian crimes against American citizens, as they quietly help to usher in the New World Order's one world Totalitarian government.

Matt Beal journals the fascism now emerging in the United States:
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