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For More Than Four Decades The CIA Has Tapped Into The Asian Drug Market To Ensure That Much Of The Youth In America Stays Strung Out On Drugs

Why would the CIA do such a terrible thing? For the same reason that any drug dealer would. Because it's extremely profitable. So much so that they simply can't afford to pass up such an easy way of supporting their black budget, which goes to fund operations that the US Congress would never publicly approve of; nor appropriate funding for. So how did the CIA gain access to the Golden Triangle drug trade? The same way the Bush Administration is now helping itself to Iraqi oil.

They created a plausible excuse for going into Southeast Asia -- The Gulf Of Tonkin incident, which officially began the Vietnam War. And while our US Military troops were over fighting in Vietnam, the CIA quietly setup its own drug operations in Laos.

The Vietnam war of the 1960's was in large part an extremely expensive smokes screen used to cover up the CIA's infiltration of Laos, in order to capitalize on the Golden Triangle's access to heroin and opium; drugs that along with crack cocaine are driving the United States economy in the modern day. If the illegal drug trade in the United States was ever seriously attacked, the US economy would more than likely come to a crashing halt -- especially since extremely large quantities of laundered drug money began finding their way into corporate America through Wall Street's financial markets decades ago. The frightening truth is that there's a very good chance the Federal Reserve Notes that you carry in your wallet at the moment contain the residue of some of these drugs.

The following article discusses the CIA's latest escapades in Laos.

CIA-assisted plot to overthrow Laos foiled
Former Air America/CIA asset Vang Pao arrested

by Larry Chin

Global Research, June 6, 2007

Vang Pao, prominent Laotian exile leader and legendary CIA asset during the CIA’s clandestine Indochinese wars of the 1960s and 1970s was among 10 men arrested on June 4, 2007, and accused of plotting a catastrophic military strike against the Laotian government using mercenary forces. According to US attorney Bob Twiss, the ten individuals are the plot leaders, but “thousands of co-conspirators remain at large, many in other countries.”

The other leading co-conspirator arrested was Harrison Ulrich Jack, a member of the California National Guard, and a retired Army officer who was a CIA covert operative in Southeast Asia before leaving active duty in 1977. According to the ATF agent, Jack quoted Lo Cha Thao, the president of the nonprofit organization United Hmong International, and one of the other Hmong co-conspirators, as saying that 'the CIA was preparing to assist the Hmong insurgency once the takeover of Laos had begun'.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle report, the complaint says Jack was hired as an arms broker and organizer by the other men because of his contacts in the American defense, homeland security and defense contractor community”.

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