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The FBI Is Now Also Profiling Americans By The Bumper Stickers They Adhere To Their Automobiles


Government News Keywords: FBI, BUMPER STICKER, PROFILING
Source: The New American
Published: March 27, 2000
Posted on 03/17/2000 16:15:31 PST by Rowdee

The December 1999 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin offers police officers guidelines to use in conducting traffic stops with suspected "right-wing extremists." Members of extremist groups may reveal their affiliations in a number of ways," advised Bulletin author James Kobolt. "First, the vehicles they drive often provide clues that can help officers prepare for potential danger before making a stop. Specifically, extremists' vehicles may sport bumper stickers with anti government or pro-gun sentiments," or may otherwise "fit the profile of vehicles driven by known extremist group members in the area."

The article also advises officers that the absence of a license plate or the use of a handmade license plate may indicate that the driver subscribes to various "sovereign citizen" fallacies. As examples of "extremist" sentiments, the article suggested the slogans "Know Your Enemies: They are Your Leaders", and "Joe McCarthy Was Right".

The sole "scholarly" source cited by Kobolt was the "Militia Watchdog" website maintained by Mark Pitcavage, the radical left-wing academic who serves as research director for the Justice Department's State and Local Anti-Terrorist Training program (SLATT).

As previously reported in these pages (see "A 'Watchdog' in Fedgov's Kennel," November 8, 1999), SLATT received a $2 million taxpayer grant for fiscal year 1999, which it has used to train law enforcement regarding "extremist activity".

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Here's a Website where you can make your own bumper stickers.


You should probably avoid a truthful one. For instance one like: "The FBI Are Nazi's!" will no doubt get the attention of your local mercenary unit (before the Patriot Act we used to refer to them as Police Officers) and probably get you a ticket as well as reported to the FBI as a possible domestic terrorist (AKA lone wolf). Of course we already know that the FBI has plenty of time to waste on frivolous investigations like the one it created (in this case not conducted, since the FBI's investigation of TWA Flight 800 was a complete fabrication from beginning to end) after the terrorist missile attack on TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

A situation in which the FBI usurped the authority of the NTSB, just so it could obfuscate the facts behind this terrorist attack. This is why on the day of the 10TH Anniverary of the terrorist destruction of this airliner and the tragic deaths (murders) of its 230 passengers, the US News media still reported the downing of TWA Flight 800 as an *"accident." Then again American History books are still reporting that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin in the murder of the late John F. Kennedy.

*The only accident in this instance was the FBI itself.
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