Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barack Obama Seizes On Hillary Clinton's Record As An Empty Suit And Carpet Bagger

Anyone who lives within the State of New York is well aware that Senator Clinton has accomplished nothing of benefit to New Yorkers since becoming the State's Junior Senator. Now Barack Obama is seizing on her voting record regarding NAFTA, which has allowed for the loss of 50,000 jobs in the State of Ohio alone. NAFTA was created to destroy the job market for the American Proletariat Class, which it has gradually done since being implemented by the Clinton Administration in 1994.

Hillary Clinton is the last thing that Americans need in this present day of pathological government deception. And while there was a brief time in which I was rooting for Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination for US President, I am now convinced that Obama will become just another Illuminati pawn, and that if elected to the office of President, nothing of true benefit to the American people will take place under his watch.

Congressman Ron Paul was the only Presidential candidate who could have affected meaningful change in this country. Which is precisely why the media never focused on the issues Paul was attempting to promulgate; and why he never stood a legitimate chance of winning the Republican nomination.

I fear for Ron Paul in the future since I believe that he truly wants to affect significant changes within this country, with a smaller more transparent government, and the abolition of unconstitutional privately held corporations like the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS. With his recent prominence and attack on the US status quo, I believe that Ron Paul and his supporters are heading into a very dangerous situation over the next few months, when they attend a public rally in Washington, DC, in which to confront these Illuminati run institutions. I just hope that they are able to accomplish their activism without being murdered in the process.

Given that George W. Bush (AKA the lunatic in the White House) decided to in 2005, initiate a national invitation to commit the crime of vigilantism as an "experiment," I now believe that anything is possible; including the government sanctioned murders of peaceful American protesters who will descend on Washington, DC within the next few months (led by Dr. Ron Paul), while attempting to challenge the present administration's criminal policies.

At a time where protesters have been arrested and in some cases tasered for simply wearing anti-Bush T-shirts, this terrifying situation could become a likely possibility.
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