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Another American Begins To Realize That The Government's Ability To Remotely Access & Control The Human Mind Has Become A Reality

* I have included information on another TI by the name of Carolyn Paliwoda in the past. The following author discusses his opinions regarding another piece written by Ms. Paliwoda pertaining to her experiences as a target of government sanctioned mind control and organized stalking crimes.

Mind Control
Black Ops Mind Control Methods May Shed Light

Mind Control Has It Become A Reality?


Mind Control Has It Become A Reality?

We wonder how aliens can white wash abductions from memory, replace frightful experiences with other memorable images, even send messages like a calling to a person to come out and see... well, out of Maple Heights, Ohio, a woman by the name of Carol Paliwoda, wrote the following piece that is insightful and frightful.

When I was in college, I remember reading in my Abnormal Psychology class the definitions of schizophrenia. One example was a person saying that they were being bombarded by radio or radiation beams from government black ops or aliens. They were listed as paranoid. For three years I had worked as a psych-tech for a psychiatric hospital and read these statements from many of the patients that were placed in locked wards, given electric shock therapy, and watched their frail bodies arch and urinate and cried out the name of Jesus.

Now I read Paliwoda's article. It was forward to me by a colleague who said she was awed by the piece and saw how it could easily bleed into the alien abduction scenario.

Years ago I would have thought this was outrageously insane. With the technology we have now and the scientific wonders the future that part of me has now clamped down. My eyes have widened. If what Ms. Paliwoda writes is true, that such things can happen.... imagine what an advanced alien race could do...

From: Carol Paliwoda
Date: Sunday, August 09, 1998 2:31 AM

I wish to report a bizarre crime situation in the Maple Heights, Ohio area (a suburb of Cleveland, USA) using a form of radiation-based mind control. A criminal gang is entrapping and torturing victims with radiation bombardment (deliberately trying to produce brain injuries), electronic rape, transmission of rabid screech "voices" (sound simulation being possible), round-the-clock force-fed verbal communications, and drug effects (transferred from drug users who are apparently on amphetamines, coke, etc.--at intentionally uncomfortable levels in order to stress victims into nervous breakdowns).

Victims are kept debilitated with chronic radiation poisoning which is at times similar in potency to nerve- (or minimally tear-) gas in terms of being a hazardous biological agent, except that the effects are more directable to the specific target. The levels are periodically upped to that point whenever the predators deem it necessary to keep their prey in thrall, or to achieve a desired end.

Although, torture could be described as intermittent, communication is continuous. This is in effect electronic telepathy--being used for nothing but deleterious purposes, however (for the implementation of torture). The signal can be transmitted to victims from incredible distances with accuracy, it is impossible to evade, and there is a large army of persons engaged in the stalking (7 days, 24 hours--with unbelievable tenacity). There is probable usage of satellite tracking, augmented by ground-based weapons, making escape difficult. (Surmising the means is theoretical, based on prolonged experience.)

I have been followed without relent for 26 years now, around the clock, by stalkers who never stop preying on their victim. They are sadists who do all in their power to inflict suffering on victims, in a way that is senseless--constantly engaging in psychological and physical abuse.

They latch on to a victim and never thereafter permit prey to experience full consciousness, denying freedom of thought and basic human rights. Packs of thugs gang up on helpless individuals with laser weapons and try to administer brain damage, to knock the victim's brains out, so to speak. An army of them surround the victim from hidden locations, from time to time generating shrieking effects and hyped-up nervous states while so doing as a means of creating mental distress.

I reported the abuses in the 1970's. There was a phony Congressional investigation, a little bit of press flurry about illegal CIA activity which never divulged the main facts--camouflaging the mind control as a drug operation instead of revealing the technological bases of the radiation-based mind control--then a smokescreen put up through U.S. news media, which seem to have become pawns of a de facto dictatorship. The public went back into a quiescent sleep while the perpetrators bore down more cruelly on helpless victims.

Some of the transmissions are suspected of being via satellite. In fact, the evidence to this effect is for me overwhelming. The roof of a building (i.e. your house) can be targeted, and there is very little scattering to the outside, creating the apparent impression that nothing is happening (outside). Meanwhile a humongous pulsating signal is being generated inside, creating standing waves through directed-beam transmissions. However, the victim need not be stationary to receive. The signal goes for miles. Being stationary makes it easier to deliver pain and to concentrate harassment, though.

The so-called Star Wars program could be a dangerous offensive weapons program which is a tool of a virtual dictatorship. People who know too much and are willing to talk are stalked with the mind control by torturers until they suffer ruin--suicides, destitution, confinement to mental institutions, diagnoses of fake schizophrenia, which is degrading character assassination--even subjected to illegal psychosurgery after being driven into provoked rages with torture from which they could not escape.

The U.S. press appears to have complicity in maintaining secrecy--conferring absolute power on the vicious clique monopolizing this technology. No defenses are ever developed for detection by an unwitting population which is never informed of any capabilities of it.

The ability to stalk press people with the mind control is part of the reason for the successful secrecy, but there is also a certain amount of corruption on the part of the establishment, which is kept comfortable as long as it plays along. The technocracy is careful to (overtly) victimize only the weakest and most helpless of prey for target practice, to cover its tracks. I know I am surrounded by an army of these persons, with beams coming from multiple directions. I have been anything but silent to local police, yet I have never seen any discipline of the criminals. Some of the predators will pose as benevolent (as therapists, well-wishers, religionists, etc.) until they think they are not being observed, and then they will do a 180 degree turn and start their extortion and terrorization.

There has been no halt to their operations in 26 years. I have registered complaint after complaint after complaint with the local police department. The one person I have been able to pinpoint as being somehow (maybe indirectly--through some kind of guilt by association) connected with the technology is an improbable type--a Mr. John Wavrzacz at 14101 Rockside Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio. Evidence was an uncanny ability to know about events he had no means of being privy to other than some kind of clairvoyance.

The son of neighbor Carol Tipton (formerly Skocdopole), 5337 E. 141 St., also needs investigation. Although he appears outwardly decent, Al Kovach, the person who purchased my home on E. 141 and from whom I rent, is also a mystery figure. I can't afford to leave any stones unturned.

Another fact: In the past I distributed a report with a Feb. 7, 1976 Cleveland Plain Dealer newsclipping attached entitled "Soviets said to spy with perilous rays". There was a lot of ensuing reference in the media to CIA mind control about that time. After I let out Wavrzacz's name in 1996, some terrorists hit me with an incredible radiation blast akin in its effects to tear gas. This stuff causes respiratory passages to swell until near-suffocation results. Without antihistamines, the ability to breath is threatened. In their communications perpetrators make reference to some kind of "gang" and "family" membership.

There is never a police bust of criminal perpetrators in this area. Activity is occurring in the E. 141 St.-Granger Rd. section of Maple Heights, Ohio. At least that is the target area (overhead satellite technology augmented by ground-based weapons--this is just theory, it is difficult for me to ascertain the exact means). No complaints to any authority are ever to any avail. There are upsurges in torture activity correlating with breaks in the academic calendar--Spring break being the worst time of the year. This leads me to suspect participation of academics in the crimes.

Local colleges--CWRU and CSU--are suspect. Possibly students lured into collaboration by criminal professors, or some such scenario. How American students could be lured into supporting anything so flagrantly antidemocratic I couldn't begin to guess. I am also considering local hospitals as possibly being sites of activity. There are two Veterans hospitals in the area--in Brecksville and Cleveland, plus a branch of NASA. I was in Marymount Hospital in Garfield Heights, Ohio a couple of times. It is the only hospital I have ever dealt with directly--once having undergone surgery.

Although anyone who had experienced this phenomenon would think some sort of implant for tracking and reception necessary, a CAT scan and x-rays of my brain back in 1981 by Radiologic Medical Imaging Associates in Mayfield Hts., Ohio (referral from a Dr. Grant Heller in Beachwood,Ohio) did not turn any up, according to radiologists who reviewed them.

There are indications from his behavior that my brother Bill was also a previous victim. He is today very ill, displaying symptoms of long-term abuse.

The American public can never acquire defenses, regulation, pertinent laws, or restriction so long as the secrets are kept. I need help in tracking to source. Victims undergoing the most heart-rending violations are simply brushed off as lunatics, ignored, scoffed at--and it is an affront to human decency and dignity.

The reason secrecy has been maintained this long (over twenty documented years) is the promotion of a vicious reign of terror against any resistance or dissent. Anyone who knows anything is stalked and tortured until they crumble. The clique in power are very cocky and obnoxious overlords, in the process of transforming the democracy into a farce.

The group which has victimized me is little more than a ring of psychotic deviates who molest innocents for sadistic kicks--deriving some kind of insane satisfaction from intimidating helpless prey for spite. They have no consciences or internal limits, and brag about their amorality.

I believe they have been picking up women (and boys) for sexual reasons, afterwards driving them insane. They juice up on dope while they hold their prey captive. While they attempt to damage the victims' brains, they spew Nazi philosophy at them. I sometimes wonder if secret police (military) support exists--a suspicion derived from the fact that activities are never stopped.

These persons, who are terrorists, never face arrest, intimidating me without end. In at least one area of the country (New York City) I have evidence of coordination with mental health authorities to entrap victims into insane asylums. This is of course after deliberately driving them crazy. What I have depicted is a brutal denial of the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and security in their homes which are supposedly guaranteed to law-abiding Americans. The thirteenth amendment prohibition against slavery is also violated.

If the technology were in the right hands (instead of the very wrong ones who hold it now), there might be a questionable need to expose it. However, victims like myself have been subjected to cruel and unusual punishments. Like 26 years of constant telemetric tracking combined with efforts to induce psychological breakdown and persistent torture. Persons like my clueless brother Bill subjected to what looks like illegal experimentation with extremely destructive effects--virtual loss of life which is the result of prolonged torture (and possibly psychosurgery). Naivete and weakness make the target all the more tempting, apparently.

Some of the perpetrators want to know if the human being can be completely robotized with psychological (and physical) breakdown methods, and they never know when to stop. Their big dream is to produce a mindless golem. This is not expanding human potential in a positive way.

The technology is dangerous, yes. But there is no excuse for the kind of abuse which has gone on. People's lives have been destroyed. The most innocent kinds of people too. The need for secrecy is not sufficient justification. Unbefitting Civilized Man, if such could be said to exist.
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