Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Account Of A TI Who's Being Targeted For Government Sanctioned Mind Control & Organized Stalking Crimes

"If the 'mind controllers' can torture a young child into tearing the head off of a baby bird, they can remotely manipulate an unwitting target of mind control research to commit any act imaginable including myriad forms of terrorism."

If the battle between the target of organized stalking crimes and the organized stalker continues to evolve as it has over the past few years, at some point in the future this phenomenon will reach a state of equilibrium in which there will be as many people being stalked as there are doing the stalking. When this point arrives, government agencies perpetrating these crimes from their crystal palaces will begin to realize that this method of attacking those whom they have subjugated to lives of non consensual human experimentation, is both inefficient and oftentimes ineffective, given the indomitable human spirit of those being attacked.

From this we can conclude that in the future, they will attempt to find more efficient means in which to deal with those people being targeted for these crimes. Which is why they must be exposed and stopped now. The NSA, FBI and DHS are particularly of interest here, since it appears that they are behind the orchestration of these Orwellian and treasonous crimes. As such,those of us being targeted must continue to expose what we are being subjected to, on a global scale, and not allow anyone or anything to stand in our way, regardless of both the physical and psychological pain that we are forced to endure.

Moreover, it is not overstating the case to say that if we fail to do so, the future of the human mind and the human race, will be in serious jeopardy.

See this TI's account of the crimes being perpetrated against them here:
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