Saturday, February 23, 2008

Animal Flesh Is Extremely Unhealthy For Human Consumption/Vegetarianism Is The Only Logical Solution

Setting aside the fact that all humans who eat animal flesh are encouraging the vicious torture and murder of innocent animals (something humans have absolutely no right to be doing), most animals grown for the sole purpose of serving the global food industry are fed a steady diet of antibiotics, which is absorbed into their flesh. These antibiotics are then absorbed into the bodies of the humans who consume these animals, which then proceed to gradually destroy their immune systems. There are also a number of other reasons why animal flesh is extremely unhealthy for human consumption. The readers can learn about them at the following Websites.

A video of how animals are cruelly treated before being slaughtered for human consumption. Next time you order some Buffalo chicken wings, a Kentucky Fried chicken meal, Whopper, Big Mac or any other food which once had parents, please consider the following video:
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