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US Marshals Turned Mercenaries KIDNAP Ed and Elaine Brown -- And What Few US Media Sources Have Covered It Have Completely Obfuscated The Facts

"Earlier today Marshal Stephen Monier stood at the podium before reporters to discuss the arrest (kidnapping two innocent people) of Ed and Elaine Brown and proceeded to lie through his New World Order teeth. It was also obvious that the reporters who questioned him were carefully briefed before hand in order to avoid any questions in regard to the illegal operations of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS.

Nor did any of these reporters bring up the fact that more than two dozen Americans who were arrested on income tax invasion charges were also completely exonerated when a Federal jury was forced to acquit these men and women, because there is no law which authorizes the IRS to impose an unapportioned tax on the wages of the American worker. Perhaps these federal agents should spend less time videotaping Americans within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms (something these sexually predatorial freaks are doing on a very large scale) and educating themselves in regard to the laws (as set forth by the US Constitution) in this country.

Monier also stated that the situation was resolved peacefully. However he said that the Browns did not surrender. So which is it? If the Browns did not surrender, exactly how is it that this situation could have ended peacefully, given Ed and Elaines' promise to not be taken alive? It is far more likely they were roughed up and quite possibly even beaten as punishment for defying the unjust court sentence meted out to them. And if this is the case, then so much for Monier's statement that 'the situation ended peacefully.' Perhaps what Monier was saying is that none of his people got shot?

Marshal Monier and other mercenaries of his kind are a disgrace as peace officers, LIARS, and an affront to the American people, our Constitution and every decent and oath abiding peace officer in this country. Monier should turn in his badge for his shameful conduct regarding the Browns and their supporters -- innocent people who have been railroaded by an extremely criminal system of government.

If the federal law enforcement community in this country and its Judiciary cannot operate within its Constitutional rule of law, then they should be replaced with organizations that do.

How can a US Judge ignore several Supreme Court rulings which supersede the lower court rulings that the Browns were wrongfully convicted on, since the lower court rulings must be in compliance with the Supreme Court? He cannot if he has done his job lawfully. And this particular judge clearly has not. He, too is a disgrace as a member of the US Judicial system and should step down from the bench.

Of all of the damage that has been done by exposing the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank frauds, a former IRS Commissioner by the name of Sheldon Cohen did more harm to these criminal organizations than all of the other information combined (with the exception of Aaron Russo's documentary America From Freedom To Fascism & G. Edward Griffin's expose on the Federal Reserve fraud called "The Creature From Jekyl Island").

When questioned by the late Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo, who asked Cohen some simple questions about the IRS including where the written law was stating that the IRS was authorized to collect taxes as a result of the Title 26 of the IRS code, Cohen simply stated that the 16th Amendment authorized the IRS to do so.

However, when Aaron informed Cohen of the Supreme Court ruling which found that the 16th Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation on the US Congress, Cohen sat back quietly realizing that he had been caught in a lie.

Moreover, when claiming that since that time the Supreme Court had changed its ruling, Russo asked for the specific case, to which Cohen nervously replied 'you've caught me unprepared.' To which Russo said 'I'll come back.' To which Cohen knowing he was caught in yet another lie replied 'I don't want to do that.' So in an ironic way the American people should be grateful to former IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen for unwittingly offering up the truth about the IRS fraud, and helping to unravel a criminal conspiracy that has been taking place against the American people since 1913.

However the real HERO here is the late Aaron Russo, who had the courage and film making talent to tell the truth about this mainstream conspiracy by the Illuminati controlled central bank, to steal the United States of America from her own people.

And like Cohen who was clearly caught in several lies, when confronted with the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, the US Congress will simply either not respond to these questions about them, knowing what they have to lose if they do admit to such treasonous crimes against the American people, or LIE through their teeth, just like the FEDS are lying in regard to the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology."

-- James F. Marino NSA Satellite Prisoner

US Government Mind Control Target

I am so furious right now in regard to what has happened to Ed and Elaine Brown that I don't even want a write a post today. However, I am going to post anyway, given what I think of these sneaky LYING government rat bastards who masquerade as law federal enforcement, and who are watching me by way of NSA satellites at this very moment -- and quite possibly many of you as well. These are the same types of low lifes who meet with my Family on a regular basis in efforts to have me made homeless so that I am no longer able to expose what I have experienced as a long-term target of government sanctioned mind control research.

I have also noticed that most of the US Media has not even bothered to pickup on the arrest of the Browns, and the few who have have not mentioned any of the facts regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, or the fact that more than 25 Americans who were arrested for tax evasion just as the Browns have been, were exonerated because federal juries could find no law which requires Americans to file an income tax return.

We are living in a country of outright lies, where the higher one goes within its governmental infrastructure, the more criminal the situation becomes. And if caught in any of these conspiratorial lies these officials will just ignore the public as Bill Clinton did during his second term as President, where he said something to the effect of the Elite in the country should not spend too much time focusing on the concerns of the average citizen. Is it any wonder why Clinton and George HW Bush have gotten so chummy over the past few years?

They are both Illuminists who truly believe in the saying those who have the most toys when they die win the game -- toys in this case meaning financial wealth of staggering proportions as well as control of the global Military Industrial Complex.

These monsters actually believe that have the right to murder billions of people through the use of man made bioweapons like AIDS and Ebola, as well as electronically staged disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, through the use of the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska.

This is why they are always smiling. Criminals at their level can do whatever they want because they also own law enforcement. Remember Nick Rockefeller's comment to the late Aaron Russo in regard to the Illuminati's goal of forcing the entire population on this planet to carry an RFID chipped card for tracking purposes? Nick told Aaron that his chip would say KMA as would all those belonging to Illuminati members -- KMA being an acronym for Kiss My Ass.

Nick told Aaron, if you get stopped by a cop just show him the card and he'll know you're with us and to leave you alone.

However given this, one must wonder just how far a KMA card will get you. If an Illuminist murders someone and gets caught by the cops do they simply FLASH this card and then walk away while cops find some poor shlump to blame the murder on? Given the arrogance of these sociopaths, one must seriously consider this.

After all, not only are these Illuminists extremely wealthy and powerful people, they are equally as arrogant and cunning. And I seriously doubt that murdering someone would bother them since they had no problem orchestrating the attacks on 9-11 or the subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the myriad murders which occurred as a result -- reports list the total number of combined casualties here at well over a million people, not counting those who later died from serious injuries. And then there are those who have been permanently maimed to consider as well. The rest of us may consider them since most people find the concept of murdering another human being repugnant; however the Illuminati don't and never have.

As for Ed and Elaine Brown, it's these Illuminati types whom they are up against in exposing the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting system and IRS, so it should come as no surprise to anyone why law enforcement sided with the criminals instead of two hard working people like the Browns.

For quite some time now I have also been concerned about Ed and Elaine allowing complete strangers into their home for exactly the reasons which enabled the FEDS to kidnap them. And I in fact mentioned this several times in recent posts, given the FEDS' chameleon like way of blending into whatever situation they attempt to encroach upon. They respect no one, and the privacy of the people within this country is something that they not only despise but seek out new ways in which to invade.

And now two hard working and decent Americans who should be comfortably retired have been wrongfully incarcerated, while all that they have worked for has been stolen from them by this disgusting group of lowlife criminals who are anathema to the very concept of decency and humanity.

I knew that Ed and Elaine were exhausted from months of psychological abuse, because I have lived with years of such abuse. Vicious abuse that occurs 24 hours a day -- something the FEDS are notorious for subjecting people whom they target for illegal COINTELPRO type stings. I also knew that this exhaustion would eventually cause them to err in their judgement. And that is exactly what happened.

I will not say that Ed and Elaine Brown were arrested. Because the term arrest refers to people who have committed real crimes and been arrested by legitimate law enforcement.

Ed and Elaine Brown are not criminals. They are American Patriots and Heroes who've stood up to this masquerade of a government and called it for the abject fraud and criminal that it is. They dared to do so, while most Americans out of either ignorance or cowardice have failed to do so.

Those who arrested the Browns are the criminals in this situation. And those in Congress as well as the Federal Reserve and IRS are nothing but frauds who are even worse than the federal muscle whom they employ and deploy to cover up their crimes, while arresting innocent people like Ed and Elaine Brown and their supporters.

And so is the US Media which purposely refuses to discuss these frauds with the American public. As such the media system in this country has become nothing more than an aider and abettor of the criminal conspiracy to deny Americans their Natural God given and Constitutional rights.

Those who tell the truth about this government and its corrupt ties risk being censured, demonized, kidnapped, tortured, and yes, even murdered, while those around us -- even our own Families -- are poisoned against us so that we are forced to stand alone in situations in which the due process of law is completely nullified, by criminals masquerading as law enforcement officials.

Federal marshals and other members of the law enforcement community who violate your Constitutional rights are no longer legitimate law enforcement -- they are criminals.

Even they understand this although they are loathe to admit it.

However, the FEDS' attack on Ed and Elaine Brown will not cover up these lies, but instead only serve to further expose them. There is a wave of fury gradually overcoming the American people, given such injustices. Injustices which have become far too commonplace in a country which purports to offer each of its citizens the freedoms guaranteed within the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

And the situation in this country is not going away until our government (not this ersatz and criminal thing that we have now) is restored to its original glory.

A government which our forefathers created for us 230 years ago. And one which the Illuminati through its use of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS stole from us by corrupting the US Congress.

The same is true for every American citizen who is aware of what is really going on in this country and who defies the EVIL people who control this government and propagate its criminal agenda -- their numbers are considerable, however no match for an educated public who is aware of what these miscreants represent.

Moreover, no justice was served today with the kidnapping of Ed and Elaine Brown -- instead a further injustice was done not to just Ed and Elaine, but to the rest of the American people who continue to be deceived by the US Congress, the privately held Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting system, and its BAGMAN, the private corporation known as the Internal Revenue Service. All of whom have stolen and cheated the American people out of trillions of their hard earned dollars since the early part of the 20th Century, and enslaved them through that financial instrument of destruction known as debt.

The battle to expose these criminals is just heating up. Those of us who know what they have done are not going away. And while a great number of us will suffer terribly (many of us already are)as we continue to expose these injustices and many others by the US Federal Government, and those Illuminati who control them, the truth about these monsters will eventually be promulgated not only nationally, but also internationally.

They will not get away with what they have done here, but only create a further need in which to expose and eventually shut them down.

In regard to the illegal COINTELPRO that the FBI continues to wage against me, I have a strong suspicion that this criminal agency and perhaps even The Department Of Homeland Security are now giving my Family further instructions in the psywarfare campaign being deployed against me.

And this inhumane and criminal campaign of the FBI DHS criminal tag team, will fail like all their others against me.

As much as it torments me to say this, my Family are fully brainwashed by these agencies and in my opinion are no longer able to defend themselves or their rights, which have been trampled upon in the most outrageous ways that I have ever seen.
These were absolutely wonderful people who have been abused by these FEDS in despicable ways. And one way or another these FEDS will answer for it.

The FBI and DHS are not law enforcement. They are an outright Gestapo. And those who take part in the organized stalking crimes that are being ILLEGALLY perpetrated by the communities in which we live only serve to show that anyone can be turned into a criminal by these government thugs.

And because of this, I will continue to defend my Family's rights as well as my own in the face of such abject cruelty and injustice, by a government that is no longer representative of anything but criminals and their outrageous behavior.

A government which allows its Intelligence Community to go on open ended satellite driven fishing expeditions which defy not only the rule of Constitutional law in this country, but also the very rights which it affords to every American citizen. Gone are the days of due process of law in this government. And the situation is going to get worse. Much, much worse as more people begin to notice how unjust this system of government is, and begin speaking out against it en masse.

I for one say that this cursed government and Intel community can take their satellites and mind control torture and SHOVE THEM.

I say this not as someone who pontificates in regard to these precedent setting invasions of privacy, but as an American who has first hand experience with what being an NSA Satellite Prisoner and Mind Control Target really means.

I am referring to Nazi's who have harbored themselves within this government and its intelligence community. However unlike Hitler, these Nazi's are hi-tech criminals who utilize spy satellites, super computers and advanced programs to covertly attack those whom they wish to eliminate, leaving ZERO trace evidence of their crimes.

What the NSA has been allowed to create here is an outright disaster in the making, in which every American citizen will eventually find themselves subjugated to the enslavement of being tracked and monitored by this New World Order Nazi agency 24 hours a day, ensuring that they never again have any sense of privacy in their lives.

The FEDS are growing more desperate by the day in efforts to silence me, because they know that I am telling the truth, and that my information not only corroborates what former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei has said about the NSA all along, but also the horrific scenario that this technology portends for the American people in the near future.

This situation has nightmarish consequences for each and everyone of us. The FEDS know this and are doing everything within their power to prevent the truth about the NSA and its satellite based remote neural monitoring technology from becoming public knowledge; technology which is the brainchild of those EVIL minds who would enslave all of humanity if give the opportunity.

This bespeaks an Orweillian society far worse than even George Orwell himself could have envisioned. The ultimate Anti-Utopian creation.

As a result of this, nothing -- I repeat -- nothing short of death will ever prevent me from continuing to promulgate this information; information that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the United States Of America is a fraud, her government driven by a fascist cabal, rather than any legitimate democratic republic.

A final comment in regard to the FBI and DHS:

The FEDS have a habit of calling my Family's home while using blocked numbers in attempts to further manipulate our lives. A short time ago a phone call came in and my Father left shortly after it. This has happened constantly over the past four plus years, since the FEDS COINTELPRO campaign against me went from being covert to overt -- and completely ILLEGAL in every aspect of what these criminals have done.

When I checked to see where the call had come from, the number was blocked so that I could not identify the caller. However I know who the caller was -- either FBI or DHS provocateurs.

And blocked call or not, I do have THEIR NUMBER. I always will.

As for Ed and Elaine Brown, they are in my constant thoughts, as are the four supporters who have also been wrongfully incarcerated and now face long prison stretches while the FEDS look to cover up the Federal Reserve & IRS fraud.

As a result of the wrongful conviction of the Browns as well as the kidnappings of themselves and these four supporters, a movement to free Ed and Elaine Brown, Danny Reilly, Jason Gerhard, Constitutional Ranger Bob Wolffe, and Cirino Gonzalez has now begun. And it will continue until these INNOCENT people are freed.

They now join other such great names in human rights activism as AIM's Leonard Peltier, who as head of the American Indian Movement in the 1970's was targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO Sting operation, and wrongfully convicted in the murders of two FBI agents who were part of the criminal conspiracy to destroy AIM. At least 60 other Native Americans were murdered during this time, however the FBI has covered up the fact that it was behind them.

Peltier has remained wrongfully imprisoned for more than three decades.

The US Federal Government expects that the interest in the Browns and their supporters will die down over time. However, as is the case with the wrongful imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, which continues to spark interest from great numbers of people from around the world, the government's attack on the Browns is
only going to cause it further harsh criticism and serious credibility problems in the future. All tyrannical governments face such situations; and this one will be no exception.

It cannot abuse people and their natural and inherent rights in such ways and expect that we will allow it to get away with such dictatorial acts. We will not.

More information regarding Ed and Elaine Brown from Make The

Ed and Elaine Kidnapped by The Fed’s.

According to the mainstream media Ed and Elaine Have Been "arrested" without incident.

The Union Leader however reports that: U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said that the two did not surrender. At this point and time the Feds are not releasing any details on the reported "arrests".

According to Fox News: Details on the reported "arrest" will be provided in a news conference at the federal courthouse in Concord NH on October 10th 2007.

It is currently not clear how the couple who did not surrender were kidnapped without incident.

Indisputable Fact: There is no law, that makes the average American liable for an income tax.

Despite the fact that there is no law, it appears that Ed and Elaine of the family Brown are being held captive by a criminal government. Who will refuse at all costs to provide the law, that Ed & Elaine have allegedly broken.


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