Thursday, October 04, 2007

The NSA & FBI Believe They Have The Right To Electronically Access Your Thoughts By Way Of Satellites & Super Computers -- THEY DON'T!

  • Akwei VS NSA

  • To learn more about the NSA's illegal use of satellites to remotely access and manipulate your mind (through remote neural monitoring)see former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA. This suit has been kicked around in the court system for years because no judge wants to tackle this issue given the outrageous violations of both civil and human rights that are involved.

    It would be suicide for any judge to do so, given that US Intelligence does not want this information being promulgated. It all likelihood, former NSA agent Russell Tice was also referring to the same information that John St. Clair Akwei listed in his lawsuit, and for this reason Tice has been censured. When was the last time that he spoke in public? During the Summer of 2006 he reported being contacted by the FBI who wanted to know if anything that Tice wanted to reveal to a special Senate Committee would compromise National Security.

    Obviously, what the NSA is doing by deploying this technology under the cover of National Security is a serious violation of the US Constitution as well as human rights. Once again the FBI is used to aid and abet criminal activity instead of exposing it. If the FBI were a legitimate police agency it would have personally spoken with Tice and investigated his allegations in regard to the NSA's criminality. Instead, the FBI threatened Russell Tice through the use of intimidation to force him to keep quiet about what he knew.

    Once again, this is an illustration of just how badly we need to abolish the FBI as well as the NSA, since remote neural monitoring/manipulation of the human mind is the most outrageous violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Amendments to the US Constitution ever documented.

    Which is why it is up to those of us who are being attacked by this Nazi system covertly deployed by the NSA (and certain other agencies of US Intelligence) to make this atrocity known globally. This is already happening, and with the help of those who learn about it telling those they know and so on, eventually everyone will know what EVIL the NSA and other agencies of the New World Order represent to the human race.

    My message to these agencies in regard to what they have personally done to me (as well as my Family and many others targeted for government non consensual cover research) is as follows:

    What you have done here is so outrageous and over the top that you can expect I will fight you to the death on this issue. And there are myriad other TI's out there who will do so as well to defend their most basic human rights. No one person or group has the right to invade or manipulate the privacy of a person's mind.

    Absolutely no one.

    And in doing so you have revealed your Nazi mindset and opened a Pandora's Box which you can no longer hide.

    As this information continues to be promulgated and others learn of this outrageous attack on their minds you can expect a national call for the abolition of the NSA as well as the FBI. Your days for concealing this human rights destroying technology from the public are nearing an end. And while you may be able to murder some us, you are not going to be able to kill all of us. One way or another this technology is never again going to be used for such pernicious agendas as the ones that you have planned for the population on this planet.

    Nor are we going to allow you to write us off as being psychologically imbalanced, when it is quite clear that people with such EVIL and psychopathic intentions as your own, are the ones who are mentally unstable -- those whose ego maniacal machinations would allow for a world of electronically controlled minds, used to carry out their nefarious agendas.

    What you have done here is nothing short of Hitlerian. And soon the entire population on this planet will know it.

    -- James F. Marino
    NSA Satellite Prisoner/Mind Control Target
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