Monday, October 01, 2007

Dissociative Identity Disorder & The Use Of Psychological Warfare/Torture To Create Such Conditions

Many persons targeted for mind control research are routinely tortured psychologically in efforts to split their personalities to make them more easy to control. This was a prime objective of the CIA's MKULTRA program.

In the modern day, individuals targeted for such atrocities (TI's) experience a myriad of different ways in which those who perpetrate these crimes attempt to drive us to such states of mental instability. It is also not surprising that dissociative identity disorder (DID) was once a phenomenon in North America given the CIA's MKULTRA program, and the many people who were used by the CIA as unwitting mind control experimentees -- a number of whom died, while numerous others had their lives destroyed.

The following is information on DID and its root causes. DID is a very real threat to the sanity of TI's if they are unable to cope with the tremendous stress placed upon them as targets of myriad forms of mind control, which range from satellite induced mind manipulation to being gas lighted by networked out groups of organized stalkers, who are used as an adjunct to this mind control torture.

The key to our survival is educating the general public in regard to these crimes, since they are at risk of being subjected to covert forms of mind control experimentation at anytime without their knowledge or consent. No sane person would ever tolerate being abused as we are being abused, and upon being educated in regard to these phenomena, the public will not tolerate these Orweillian abuses to their freedoms either.
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