Tuesday, October 02, 2007

CIA In Scandal After Scandal

What I found most interesting about this article was not so much the CIA's criminal activity but that the FBI was sent in to investigate it. The FBI is every bit the criminal agency that the CIA is, and in certain respects even more dangerous.

CIA hit by scandal within a scandal
12:00AM Saturday May 13, 2006 By Rupert Cornwell

WASHINGTON - "It is the scandal within the CIA scandal - a lurid tale of poker parties, booze and prostitutes involving Congressmen, dodgy businessmen and senior officials from America's disaster-prone spy agency. The imbroglio came to light with the sacking of Porter Goss after a disastrous 18 month spell as CIA director. It now threatens yet more turmoil at the agency, as the Senate embarks on what are sure to be torrid confirmation hearings next week for Gen. Michael Hayden, Mr Goss's designated successor."

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