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A TI Who Reports Having Been Routinely Poisoned For Being A Whistleblower

A Canadian TI by the name of Gerry Duffett reports having been poisoned on several occasions beginning in 1997, the result of going forward with evidence that Canada is consolidating all of its power generation stations into one central control center.

This falls in line with the New World Order's plans to create the North American Union, by merging the United States, Canada and Mexico into one country. The mass consolidation of the "survelliance infrastructure" of these countries must be complete in order for the NWO to fully optimize this system against us. And linking power generation stations to one central hub is indicative of a much greater consolidation.

Gerry is very fastidious about posting in regard to the attacks on himself and has also created forums in which he lists the names of numerous others targeted for the crimes of organized stalking and mind control. He maintains at least two forums (one of which can be found at the end of this post).

It is clear that someone is trying to murder Gerry Duffett for exposing criminality which appears to have ties with the Canadian Government and big business. His letter to the Toronto Sun can be seen at the end of this post.

"Just in the last couple of years a new fibre optics system was installed in Ontario to link all the power generation stations to one central control centre code named Ledcor. Don't tell anybody you know that, somebody might try to kill you."

-- Gerry Duffett Canadian Citizen

A Chronology Of Gerry Duffett's Symptoms From Various Poisonings

Tue Sep 11 2007

Medical Update / Toronto


I have not worked in 12 months since I went thru this last poisoning and had my stroke.

My health suffered real bad from the initial poisoning at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto starting in 1997.

I have been to the doctors and hospital 30 times in 12 months for testing.

The testing in the last month indicates I have

...........heart problems,

..........low blood flow.

I may have to see a heart specialist.

Testing also indicates ......."cardio vascular problems."

That's the "pipes" that feed all the gizmos in your body.

I am having problems walking due to blood flow to both my legs.

Still suffering complete exhaustion.

Email is still the best way to reach me.

« on: December 23rd, 2006, 9:22am »

Poisoned Again ? / Medical Log / Toronto

This draft date :

Sat Dec 03 2006.

Sep 11 2006

Food poisoning or deliberate act having breakfast at Husky restaurant in Mississauga. If it was deliberate I will probably never be able to prove it.
Violently ill for 2 hours.

Slept Monday afternoon and night. Stroke?

Sep 12 2006

Slept Tuesday all day and all night. Stroke ?

1. Sep 13 2006

Woke up mid morning Wednesday, still not feeling well. Numbness in my left hand and the left side of my face.

Travel to Trillium Heath Care Center "emergency."
Blood work.
C.A.T. scan on brain, indicates stroke, left side and old injury, right side.
Difficulties walking.Complete exhaustion.

2. Sep 18 2006

Trillium Health Care Center.
Ultra sound on neck.

3. Sep 25 2006

Complete numbness in right leg after 1/2 hour while trying to return to work.
Travel to Centenary hospital "emergency." C.A.T scan on brain.

4. Oct 04 2006
Centenary hospital.
Appointment with neurologist.

5. Sep 26 2006
Centenary hospital.
Echo Dopler on heart.
Fitted with Holter heart monitor.

6. Sep 27 2006
Returned Holter heart monitor to Centenary hospital.

7. Oct 17 2006

Appointment with family doctor.

8. Oct 18 2006

Blood work at laboratory.

9. Oct 19 2006

Centenary hospital.
M.R.I. on brain.

10. Oct 30 2006

Complete numbness in both legs while at T.D. bank.
Manager calls ambulance to go to Centenary š š
hospital "emergency."

11. Nov 01 2006

Complete physical at family doctor.

12. Nov 06 2006

Centenary hospital.
Appointment at neurologist.
New referrals.

13. Nov 10 2006

Picked up negatives of C.A.T. and M.R I. š
scans at Centenary hospital.

14. Nov 14 2006

Appointment at Sunnybrook Health Science Center.
with neurosurgeon. Returned negatives to Centenary hospital.

15. Nov 17 2006

Appointment with family doctor.

16. Nov 23 2006

Appointment with family doctor.
New referral.

17. Nov 24 2006

Centenary Hospital.
C.A.T. scan on spine. š š


Still having difficulties walking.

Still suffering complete exhaustion.

Constant numbness in right foot and toes very painful.
Unable to sleep at night.

Numbering indicates the number of times to doctors or hospital appointments.

More tests in the health care system to follow.

Appointments into January and February 2007


Gerry Duffett

Gerry Duffett's Letter To The Toronto Sun Newspaper

Jan 11 2004

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the Toronto Sun newspaper about an article that was published.

This incident that happened to me is an odd health and safety issue.

Here is a situation where a union might have made a difference.

I will be sending more letters to various groups in the up coming year.

Hi Mr. Margolis.

I found your article about Edwin P. Wilson all too frightening and hits me personally way too close to home.

I was working at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto and one of my co workers or somebody in my customer base or the competition started poisoning my food over a period of months.

I almost died.

I had worked in the diesel generator industry for twenty two years as a field service technician at a variety of dealers and distributors based mostly out of the Toronto area.

In this position I worked in and around all types of generator set applications such as apartment buildings, schools, retail stores, hospitals, marine units, data centres, airports, telephone switching centres, or just about anywhere you would find a generator set.

This position also took me into a lot of high security buildings or buildings that you don't need to know exist.

Some of the customers I have dealt with include Metropolitan Toronto Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, the R.C.M.P., Bell Canada, Transport Canada, Navigation Canada, Public Works Canada, Department of National Defence, the Ontario Realty Corporation, Nexacor Realty, AT&T, Cantel, C.I.D.A., External Affairs, and many, many more.

I did quite a bit of work on high security micro wave and fibre optics communication links all around North America.

This is where this poisoning comes from.

One person I worked 15 yrs with on these systems, who I had not seen in 4 yrs, called me at home one night in the middle of this series of poisonings, who I didn't even know had my home phone number and asked "aren't you dead yet".

I wound up on the West Coast of Canada standing in a parking lot with what were suppose to be Chinese Nationals from F.E.T.A.C. being photographed by the R.C.M.P. as part of a smear campaign.

The worst part of all of this is Gerry Duffett almost died, that's me.

The next worst part of all of this, is this is my tax dollars paying these freaks.

I wonder how many times a day this goes on.

I still don't know who poisoned me.

I was off work for almost one year.

I can now 5 yrs later barely hold a full time job.

The harassment in my work place is unbelievable as far as off colour and snide comments about my mental health.

There is much more to the story.

My pager # is 416-612-5689.

Thank you.

Gerry Duffett.
14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1E4X9


Just in the last couple of years a new fibre optics system was installed in Ontario to link all the power generation stations to one central control centre code named Ledcor.

Don't tell anybody you know that, somebody might try to kill you.
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