Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Great Newsman & His Prophetic Statement

"No one can terrorize a nation unless we are his accomplice"

-- Edward R. Murrow News Journalist

Murrow, who was the only newsman to stand up to black propagandist Senator Joseph McCarthy, understood how the US Media was becoming less reliable in its reporting of the facts; especially as they pertained to the US Federal Government. While there is no way of knowing if he knew about the CIA's usurpation of the US Media by way of its program to subvert its traditional use as news gatherer and reporter for the American people, he certainly recognized that there was something seriously wrong with the media system in this country.

This system was inititially created to report the facts pertaining to even the most delicate situations regarding government crimes. However in 1948, the CIA (a creation of Britan's MI5 Intelligence Agency) was enlisted to "steal" the American people's only legitmate venue for gaining their information. Then CIA head Allen Dulles (a cousin to the Rockefeller family) enlisted agent Frank Weisner to create Operation Mockingbird with the express purpose of using the US Media to spread the CIA's black propaganda to the American people, in efforts to promulgate the CIA's disinformation (LIES) regarding the Russians and their threat of Communism.

At the time Nazism was the greatest threat to the American people, as unbeknownst to them, the CIA was busy smuggling war criminals into the United States under Operation Paperclip; roughly 900 Nazi scientists, *most of whom found refuge within the CIA and NSA for their expertise in mind control research. The CIA's original MKULTRA program was created by these Nazi scientists.

* The remainder of these scientists were recruited by the newly created National Aeronatical Space Agency (NASA) for their expertise in rocket design.

Weisner wasted no time in creating his strategy and first contacted Phil Graham, then head of the Washington Post, to convince Graham that he could be of help to the CIA in battling the Communist threat by using his paper and getting some of his friends (who were paid financial incentives to do so) in the news industry to follow suit (in reality there never was a Communist threat in America -- it was an Illuminati machination from its inception).

To say that the CIA was successful in co opting Graham and the rest of the leaders within the US Media Industry to adapt to the CIA's way of thinking is at best an understatement. The CIA has been enormously successful in using the US Media for its own clandestine purposes, while concomitantly destroying it as a venue of legitimate news gathering for the American people, who in the modern day have been forced to take to the Internet to get their information regarding the US Federal Government - especially as it pertains to the inside job that the attacks on 9-11 were.

Even Illuminist David Rockefeller was once quoted as thanking some of the better known members of the US Media for their cooperation in helping the Illuminati to subvert our way of thinking.

This was just one in myriad deceptions that the Illuminati through the CIA perpetrated against us. The Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds were another. Once you pull back the mask that the US Federal Government wears and find yourself looking into the face of the most monsterous form of government ever created, it becomes easy to see how great this deception of the American people has been.

And it will make you even more determined to expose it to the rest of the world.
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