Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Brother & His Family Find A Bat In Their Home

I have just been told that last night my Brother and his Family found a bat flying around their home in the middle of the night. He was unable to catch the bat to determine if it carried rabies so now the entire Family must undergo rabies shots.

Did the bat just accidentally fly into my Brother's home or was it deliberately placed there?

If it turns out to be the latter this act is absolutely vicious. To subject six people (four of whom are children) to such danger bespeaks the psychotic mentality of those who perpetrate these crimes against TI's. These miscreants have no remorse and will willfully injure and even murder those whom they decide to attack.

Now as a TI my first question would be have I been told the truth about this situation given that I am constantly being gaslighted? However, in this case I happen to believe that I was told the truth and that the perp's who attack me are now attacking the rest of my Family in a more overt way as well. If anything should happen to any of them, as far as I am concerned these perpetrators are behind it. And I will not rest until they are exposed and made to pay for this crime -- in addition to numerous others.

I should also note that those who perpetrate organized stalking crimes and use their own children as an adjunct in which to do so are also NOT above attacking the children of other Families when it comes to harassing a TI and those around them (Families, friends etc.). What is going on in the United States at this time in regard to the treatment of so many who are targeted for these crimes is outrageous and positive proof that this government is being run by Nazis who have harbored themselves behind the mask of a Democratic Republic.

It is now clear that our Constitutional Republic is gone and that these criminals use the US Media to keep us in the dark in regard to what is really going on in this country, as they propagate the LIE that we are living in a free country when we are in fact not.

This portends very bad things for most of us down the line if we don't expose these criminals for what they are and quickly. And moreover, to expose their link to the US Intelligence Community which is behind the covert mind control research and organized stalking crimes that are allowed to take place without federal, state, or local police interfering in them.

It is not an understatement that the crime of organized stalking is one of the largest conspiracies ever to take place in the United States Of America (or for that matter in many other countries which are now reporting this crime which is happening on a global scale).


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