Monday, August 27, 2007

FBI Caught In More Than 1000 Violations Of Privacy

Since 2005 the FBI has been guilty of more than 1000 individual violations of privacy. And the following news clip reveals that this number could be more than 10 times this amount. In reality, the number is far higher than that given the FBI's use of the NSA to remotely satellite track and spy on a great number of American citizens.

This satellite spy technology is one of the biggest SECRETS that the FEDS don't want the American people learning about, since it would destroy their ability to monitor us by satellites in the future, and more than likely result in the abolition or at the very least complete restructuring of the US Intelligence community --something which should have been done long ago. Make no mistake about this. The NSA can track you by homing in on the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body and permanently "locking" onto you.

Once this occurs, the NSA can see (and record) everything that you do while also accessing your subvocalized thoughts to know what you are thinking at all times. This same system also allows NSA operatives to "place" their own post hypnotic suggestions within your subconscious without your knowledge or consent. These suggestions can affect your thought patterns as well as behavior in negative ways, depending on the content of these scripts. This is done as a form of brainwave entrainment in order to manipulate your behavior. I have been subjected to this depraved form of mind control for the better part of three decades.

In essence what the NSA is doing to many of us is turning us into non consensual human guinea pigs who are being illegally viewed and experimented on within the so called privacy of our own homes. There's a very large number of people who have taken to the Internet to describe this disturbing phenomenon; one in which those being targeted are being denied our civil rights including that of due process of law. Our experiences are indicative of the New World Order one world fascist government which is being discussed over the Internet.

*While many TI's are not certain of who is responsible for their harassment, many are convinced that the mind control aspects of this harassment finds its roots in the respective intelligence communities of their own countries.

Both the aforementioned information regarding the NSA and the following information pertaining to the FBI are indicative of federal agencies that are completely out of control and doing even greater damage in efforts to cover up their criminality. The FBI continues to maintain its arrogance in refusing to release the videos that it confiscated from the Pentagon and surrounding area on 9-11. Why has the FBI done this? Could it be that instead of looking for clues in these attacks, that the perpetrators of these attacks used the FBI to confiscate and quietly destroy evidence which would prove that 9-11 was an inside job?

Perhaps these tapes were destroyed by the FBI and this is the reason why this agency refuses to release them?

Whether this is the case or not, through its long-term history of COINTELPRO tactics and violations of the US Constitution the FBI is a threat to the civil rights of all Americans and should be abolished.

As I have cited in a myriad of instances the FBI will routinely attack those whom they cannot legally arrest through its use of COINTELPRO operations. This agency has been getting away with this outrageous crime for nearly a Century. I would like nothing more than to be able to testify in a court of law in regard to what I have been subjected to (while being polygraphed) because I know that I am telling the truth about what the FBI, NSA and DHS have perpetrated against my Family and me for the past 27 years. And for this reason the FEDS use their psywarfare tactics in efforts to drive me to suicide because they cannot afford to have the truth in regard to these attacks made known to a jury, as if this occured the NSA's remote neural monitoring and covert mind control operations would become a matter of the judicial record.

So they continue to propagate their covert operations while demonizing those who are being targeted for these outrageous crimes. It has served as an excellent cover for US Intelligence for many decades, however one must wonder how much longer their luck is going to hold out, given the torture and murders that they are responsible for. The laws of probability are against the FEDS and that can only mean that eventually they are going to be exposed for these Hitlerian style attacks.

Any person(s) who attempts to electronically access and manipulate the minds of those whom they target, has perpetrated an unforgivable crime and sin against our creator. You don't attempt to usurp the authority of that which created you. Yet that is exactly what agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA are covertly doing. And I do not envy these people when they are eventually forced to face their creator to answer for it when they are finally humbled and the EVIL which they represent is brought to light under an influence far greater than anything these miscreants have ever faced before.

May they be damned.


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