Saturday, August 11, 2007

Activist Marshall Thomas Jailed

These types of attacks on activists who are exposing the US Federal Government's illegal use of satellites to subjugate many Americans to non consensual cover research and human experimentation are becoming more frequent. The bottom line is that the Goverment (in particular the US Intelligence community) is starting to feel the pressure in regard to the crimes that they are committing, and demonizing those persons who are reporting them.

In the case of activist/author/videographer Marshall Thomas, he's written two books exposing these crimes, and has now become so much of a threat that he has been arrested, and facing a possible one year prison term. Thomas' situation is indicative of what many Targeted Individuals are now facing here in the US Fascist Police State, where its use of illegal satellite spying and "mind control" experimentation have reached an all time high and become overwhelming problems for many of us.

Thomas has created many excellent videos regarding the myriad government cover-ups that have occured within the United States since the early days of the FBI's COINTELPRO and the CIA's MKULTRA programs, many of which can be found on the U-Tube Website listed below. So is it any wonder why the FEDS want to incarcerate him so that they can either murder him or "reprogram" him?

From The Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Website:


Marshall Thomas was jailed this last week. It looks as though Marshall could face up to a year's prison time due to his efforts in trying to expose these crimes. We must support Marshall in helping him finish his second book . We have 14 days to get information and video testimony's to him, so hopefully he can complete his project prior to going to jail.

Here are some notes-

From Marshall-

Hi folks,

The police confiscated my car, laptop, and cell phone. The perps have attacked my neck so bad I have been bedridden for two weeks.

I am unable to finish the second film at present. The second book is for sale at

I may be going to jail for a year or more and I hope that the film and books are going to be given to TI’s for free and that some effort is made to get them to the media.

I hate to pass the buck, but I will have to forward requests for the DVD to someone else too.

I've got a lawyer, a preliminary hearing is set for 8/23

I'll know more later. I need someone to be in charge of copying the film and getting the two books out to TI's. I would like to finish the second film before I go to jail but the cops have my laptop. I could finish the second film on another laptop but no one has ever sent me a TI TESTIMONY of the fact statements I requested. Thanks for your support. I'll try to get on the conf call by Thurs.

I finished the second book, it is for sale at

It is free at (blog).

I am working on film # two now...I hope you might have some video statements of fact for me?

I'll need at least 6-8 more and about 2 months to finish the second film.
The statements of fact will form a montage of the TI's repeating the same statements, backing each other up.


All, I have agreed to be Marshalls point of contact if he does go to jail (as I did for Donald Friedman) and assist him in completing his project. Does any one else want to step up to the plate and help?

Please support Marshall in any way. This could be any one of us for fighting for our rights and I would want to know that there are people fighting for me on the outside. Right? Right!


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